How To Enable Flat View On Facebook

How To Enable Flat View On Facebook?
We all know well about the Facebook. One of the most rapidly growing social media among all. Day by day, Facebook is editing and introducing lots of new things and additional features that may useful for every Facebook user. It's very clear that when Facebook started then its design and theme was very different as compared with its current look. But now Facebook has introduced many features so far officially. That's why, now it looks different from its previous design.

Well! with the Facebook, lots of other app developers and designers are also introducing their own created themes. Recently while searching on Google, I found a best extension for Chrome. By enabling it, every user when will login his account in Google Chrome then account will automatically be converted in flat view that's really awesome.

An advantage of this extension is also that user can also convert flat view to default facebook look, just by clicking on provided option. So, in my view if any user wanna change in his facebook account then this is the best extension among all. Below I shared few steps to get this and shown also few steps for newbies to install it in Chrome.

How To Enable Flat View On Facebook?

Here's how you can enable flat view in your facebook account. Actually, it's all due to the extension. Just install it and enjoy new facebook flat look. No need to get panic. I've checked completely and no any malware or scam is present in it. If you're a normal user and knows about the installation procedure of extension then only go to the extension's link and install it manually. I shared installation steps just for beginners. Here are the steps. Just follow them.

Now first go to this link and install an extension that's named 'Facebook Flat'. Simply, go and click on 'Add to Chrome'.

How To Enable Flat View On Facebook?
When you've done it then login to your account and find a button to enable flat view. Option will be look like as below image.

How To Enable Flat View On Facebook?
So, when you found it, then click on it and enable. It will refresh your facebook page and everything will be look like flat view. That's it. If you wanna again go back to the default look then again click on this provided option. It will refresh and everything will be default.

How To Enable Flat View On Facebook?


So, this was a simple extension that can change facebook's default theme to flat view. I've checked it also and believe me no any malware or virus is present in it. try it and enjoy a new facebook look. After enabling this extension, some people may have to face extra time while loading facebook page. But I didn't face any type of this problem. Well! give me your views about this extension via comment section below and if you find any help in this article then don't forget to share it with your friends and especially facebook users.
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