Logo Design Tips For Effective Communication

Logo Design Tips For Effective Communication
A logo is a visual representation of your business. The aim is to keep it simple and focused. A logo, rightly designed, can be a means of telling the crowd your story. This, in turn, should help the business attract potential customers.

Most businesses fail at doing so because of the failed logo design services. Some logos fail to emotionally attach to the crowd’s feelings. They tend to remain a piece of image instead of actually being capable of deriving a meaning from it.

To ensure that your business succeeds ineffective logo designing, or in case you are a logo design service provider, your client’s business, go through the following tips and make the best out of them.

Know Your Target Audience

Do you know who your target audience is? The target audience is the potential customers of the business. Identifying them in order to know with whom you are communicating will give a clear idea of how your logo needs to be designed. Should it be simple or fancy? Should your color palette be subtle or loud? Answers to these questions and similar ones become easier once you know your target audience.

Know Your Business/Client’s Business

In order communicate your story to the crowd or target audience, it is first and foremost important thing that you know it well yourself. What is the story you want your potential customers to know?

In case you are a logo design service provider, make sure you go through the details of your client’s business. Make sure you go through their brief thoroughly and talk to your client about their business and find out the maximum.

Know Your Rivals

Look into who else is in the competition with you. Find out if your design already exists or is way too similar to an existing one. Find out about your competitors. Research on their weakness and strengths. Know about their failures. Take lessons from them. Inspire yourself from their story or design.

Know The Color Theory

Colors are an excellent way of evoking emotions. Learning about the color theory will help you incorporate the right color in your design to evoke the right feeling. For example, blue is the color of peace, red evokes feelings of bravery, love, energy and passion. Imagine the Coca-Cola logo to be orange or green, would it still evoke the same emotions once you saw it?

As a logo design service provider, go through your client’s website or business card. Focus on the bright colors and incorporate it in your logo design. This will not just cover the ‘evoking emotions’ part but also makes sure the client maintains a certain uniformity in his designs.

Know Your Design’s Flexibility

A brand’s logo will necessarily be used in various forms, sizes, and materials. Design a logo keeping in mind that it not just goes on the business’ website but also maybe on a business card, garment, or posters. Making sure that the logo is compatible with most and flexible will increase its productivity. It will, in turn, help the client to communicate to the maximum crowd and grow.

Know Typography

The font and its size will bring out the personality of the business. Using larger fonts will portray the bold character of the business. A handwritten text will evoke a feel of originality. An elegant font will make the logo look stylish. Study the character and personality of the business as a logo design service provider and choose the right typography style.

Keep It Simple

Make sure that the message that you want to convey is done through a simple and straightforward design. Complicating it too much might result in confusion in the minds of the potential consumers. Make sure you design your placement of text and image or symbol is a neat and clean way so as to avoid misunderstanding. The consumers can connect and remember your logo if it simple and clear and this will turn potential customers into loyal customers since the brand is edged in their mind.

Being Smart

As a logo design service provider, be sure to be smart and creative. Utilize your resources to create something a logo that speaks to the consumers emotionally. Utilize various method and techniques to make your logo stand out and different from the rest. This will help boost your client’s business.

If you’re wondering what makes logos like FedEx. McDonalds or Coca-Cola stand out, it’s how they communicate with the consumers. They not only acquire new consumers but also retain their existing consumers. They are attached to the logo rather emotionally and it is beyond just a small image. Incorporated some of the above tips might help you conquer this art too.

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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Professional logo design.
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