10 Popular Apps Amongst Millennials In 2018

10 Popular Apps Amongst Millennials
People, in general, are dependent on the various apps for multiple reasons in today's world. Among them are the millennials who are entirely reliant on these apps for their daily lifestyle. The apps are computer programming which is designed for a specific purpose. These are the day-to-day backbone for most of the millennials today. Apps help us in a vast number of ways like they help us stay connected, keep check of our lifestyles, find new friends, exhibit your photography, get a cab and in many other ways. These apps today are quite popular and have a vast array of benefits. The apps enable us to carry out many functions with ease and effortlessly. The millennials today have a very different point of view and thought process. They don't tend to care about what others think of them. These apps are also the medium through which the millennials can express themselves boldly.

The Popular 10 Apps For The Millennials

In this year there are some must-have apps which are quite popular among the millennial generation. These apps have varied purposes, some are for social networking, some are for casual dating, and there are a few on daily lifestyles, a few on shopping and again some on music and more. These apps help the millennials be who they are. There are also many online shopping apps that sale fashionable clothing for the millennial like jumpsuits online. These apps have become popular and are prevalent this year. The top ten most popular apps amongst the millennials in 2018 are as follows:

1. Twitter

10 Popular Apps Amongst Millennials
This app has become a social platform for a wide variety of positive reasons. The aware millennials use this app for raising awareness about crimes and political situations. You can catch up on the recent news and daily traffic and weather updates through this app. You can find jobs as well on this app platform. This is the most common medium where you can interact with your favorite stars and celebrities. This just like other social networking site enables you to connect with your friends and family.

2. Pose

10 Popular Apps Amongst Millennials
This is a fashion app which helps you elevate your style quotient by more than a notch. This is similar to a photography app like Instagram. However, here the users upload pictures of themselves in unique dresses and combination of clothes. In the picture, they also explain what they are wearing and other related facts about their fashion and style. This app brings out many new fashion trends.

3. Tinder

10 Popular Apps Amongst Millennials
Love has got harder to find, and among the millennials, especially the teenagers having a relationship is like a necessity. This is basically because of the reason that they want someone to share their feelings with. Tinder helps you find a dating partner. It is a user-friendly app which enables you to connect with similar people who like each other's pictures. The app has the all-famous ‘swipe to like' format which has been incorporated in many other apps today.

4. YouTube

10 Popular Apps Amongst Millennials
This is one of the most famous apps this year and has been for the last few years. This app provides videos from various channels. The entertainment app helps you know a lot of facts. You can v-log or create videos to upload them unto your channel. These will get likes, views and get you, subscribers. Through this app, you can also earn some money. YouTube pays you the money when you have a specific number of subscribers.

5. Evernote

10 Popular Apps Amongst Millennials
This is an organizing app that helps you keep your work and schedule organized. It gives you a variety of tools that help you keep your digital articles organized from documents to photos. Today people have a lack of time and are often unorganized. This causes a problem when later they can't find what they look for due to the haphazard manner of saving the files. Evernote is like a virtual reality platform where you can share, collaborate and discuss the various productive subject matters.

6. Uber

10 Popular Apps Amongst Millennials
This is a commuting helper. This app helps you book a cab pick-up for you from one place to another. This is a beneficial app that gives taxi service online. You need to set you pick-up and drop locations, after that book the cab that you want, and it will arrive at the doorstep to pick you up. This app is essential for commuting by cab instead of trying to fetch a cab on the road.

7. Shazam

10 Popular Apps Amongst Millennials
This is a music related app. You can download and listen to music through this app. The most vital aspect of this app is that it has a massive database of music and can recognize a track by listening to it for a few seconds. On identifying the record, it provides you with all of its available information and also gives you an option to save the track. This app is an excellent way to know the name of the songs that linger in your mind, but you don't remember the name of.

8. Acorns

10 Popular Apps Amongst Millennials
The millennials are not at all in favor of the thought of investing money. This app helps the intimidation of money investment sooth down a bit. It is an easy, simple and useful app to teach how money investments work and also help the user invest their money and help them earn out of it.

9. Instagram

10 Popular Apps Amongst Millennials
This is a pretty famous social networking site which is prevalently for uploading and exhibiting images and pictures. This is an apt platform for photographers to promote themselves and get exposure. This app has some features which are helpful for editing a photo.

10. Sleep Bot

10 Popular Apps Amongst Millennials
This particular app is an app which helps you change you to have a proper and healthy lifestyle. Often the millennials don’t sleep well due to various reasons. They wake up with a groggy mood and the day is pretty much started with a bad note. People with early morning schedules need to get this app. This app helps you schedule your sleeping hours and keeps you healthy and your mind fresh. This is also a fantastic app for people with insomnia.

These are the ten popular apps amongst the millennials that are prevalent this year. These apps have the millennial generation at their fingertips. The top 10 apps for millennials mentioned above are among the best apps available in the digital market today that can help a millennial in their life.
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