Essential Tips For Designing Mobile UX/UI

Essential tips for Designing Mobile UX/UI
Since invention, the internet technology has developed a lot. There was a time when people have to stick to desktop computers or laptops to use the Internet. A person needs to move from one place to another to perform different works. Tech-savvy people are so addicted to the internet that they don't want to leave it for a long period of time.

That's why they use the internet on mobile devices. It facilities ease of mobility and hassle-free internet access 24*7.

Web designers and developers make a lot of mistakes while designing the UX/UI features of mobile websites. Even a single mistake in your mobile website can displease visitors and repel them away. So what are the main UX/UI factors that you should keep in mind while designing mobile websites? Let contemplate the following points.

1. Minimal Website Design

Always keep in mind that mobile devices have limited space for displaying all the elements of a website. If your website is full of unnecessary advertisements, design elements, pop-ups, lengthy content, it will not get displayed well on mobile devices. In such situations, visitors will flee away to your competitor's site for receiving the same products and services.

So, keep your website as simple as you can and make sure it is easily accessible on all mobile devices. Use only the necessary design elements for the creation of mobile websites. If you don't know how to do this, take the help of an expert designer.

2. Typography

Typography plays an important role in website usability, content consumption, traffic, user engagement. There are a number of website owners that use fancy fonts to impress the targeted audience. Always remember that even a little slice of business matters a lot when you struggle for your survival in the web-based business. A website is visited by people belonging to different age groups. The use of fancy fonts can repel old age people away from your website. So, always use professional and standard fonts on your website. It will make your website look professional and a large number of people will visit your website daily and read the available content.

3. Uniform Color Pattern

We all know that color combination plays an important role in how people perceive your website. A website made up of good color combinations are considered professional and people love to spend time on it. All those websites that are colorful, often considered as unprofessional sites. So, keep user's interest in mind & maintain a uniform color pattern all across your website.

4. Website Loading Speed

Would you like to browse a website that takes a considerable amount of time to load on your mobile device? Definitely not. Slow loading websites frustrate visitors. So, they quash such websites and look for its faster alternatives. Google, the most popular search engine of the world, hates slow loading websites and downgrade it's ranking in its SERP.
Essential tips for Designing Mobile UX/UI
So, try to make your website as fast as you can. Restrict the use of plugins and extensions, use clean code for website/page creation, use a CDN, etc, to make your website or its pages super fast. If it happens, it will rank in Google's top search results and you will be able to get more clicks on your website, which means the generation of sufficient leads.

5. Content Length

Content length matters a lot when you tend to target the business originating from the small screens. If your site's content length is big, visitors browsing it through mobile devices will not be able to view it in full. This causes disappointment and frustration among them and they decrease their engagement with your brand. Therefore, you should keep your content concise, to the point and straightforward. In this way, visitors can easily contemplate your statement by reading the fewer text content.

6. Easy Sign up Options

When your brand starts to gain popularity, people love to use your products and services and subscribe to new offers made by your company. So, they look for sign up options on your website. Therefore, based on your needs, use social sharing buttons, Email subscription facility, corporate Email addresses, etc.

7. Use Of Animation

Animation entertain people and help them to understand the subject matter easily and effortlessly. So, based on your needs, use animation images and make people feel delighted while visiting your website.

8. Straightforward Navigation Path

It is one of the most important factors that must be considered seriously while creating mobile websites. It allows visitors to browse websites easily and find the desired stuff quickly. You should take the help of an experienced web designer to determine the navigation path for your website.

Concluding Remarks

UX/UI design elements matter a lot in while designing websites with a mobile-first approach. Just keep the above described UX/UI design elements in mind to make your website a prime destination for the targeted audience.

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