Top 5 Best Android Apps Every Traveler Should Have

Top Android Apps Every Traveler Should Have
Technology has come a far way since its inception. Gone are the days you had to rely on maps and a nagging girlfriend or wife who kept telling you to stop on the way and ask for directions. All you need now is a smartphone and you’re set to travel the world over without any hassle.

Check out these amazing applications you should have on your Android smartphone which takes care of all your travel needs:

1. Expedia

Expedia is more of a search app that helps you find great hotels which you can book for your vacation. You can also look up flight details and all the information you need about travel and lodging. What makes the app a great travel aid is that you can sometimes find great app only discounts on flights and hotels helping you save some extra money. Read reviews about hotels and services offered to get a clear picture before you book a room. This surely is one app you can’t do without! You can also use goibibo coupons to book flights and hotels to make sure all the arrangements for your travel are made!

2. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is not like other apps which gives you a host of hotel rooms to choose from. It targets a specific set of audience- those who are traveling at a very short notice looking for immediate accommodation. The app gives you details on rooms available for check-in on the same day so that you’re not left stranded if you make a last minute traveling decision. This too is a great app as it serves a sort of “damsel in distress” purpose especially for those who travel due to business requirements and have quite a shifty schedule.

3. XE Currency

This is another great app for those who’re out and about shopping in foreign lands to but before buying something their mind jumps in to do some mathematical calculation as to how much would it cost in their currency. Through XE currency, you can quickly calculate how much something costs in a variety of currencies and the exchange rate is up to date as well so you need not Google the current rate. Give your mind a break and shop to your heart’s content and let XE Currency take care of money matters!

4. Uber

Uber is a great app that comes to the rescue of lost souls in faraway lands or so legend says! Jokes apart, this is one app every traveler ought to have for you can easily book yourself a cab ride which is quite helpful in an unknown city. Find out the cab nearest to you and you can book it instantly and watch its progress on the map in real time to track where it is. You can even book a cab for later use and can pay through debit or credit card which again is helpful if you’re low on cash. You can easily book cabs through uber coupons to get great deals on your ride!

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5. Expensify

This is the best friend of a business traveler who has to constantly produce bills and receipts of his travel logs to the company. Through Expensify you can easily compile your expense report without having to carry around crushed receipts in your wallet. It’s smart scan also allows the app to easily read information just from the photos you take of the receipt. This is one handy app every businessman needs as it makes travel so much more hassle free!

Get your hands on these amazing apps and make your smartphone truly smart by helping you not just book flights or hotels but actually help you during your travels to making life so much simpler!

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