8 Helpful Tricks That Every Facebook User Should Know

Tricks That Every Facebook User Should Know
Facebook, the world’s most rapidly growing social network among all. Lots of people are now a part of it and using Facebook regular. According to the Facebook, there are over 1.44 billion active users and 1.25 billion mobile active users who use on daily basis. Only in Europe, over 223 million people are a part of Facebook. So you can imagine now, how many people use this huge network in the world and entertain through it.

Well! this was a short current statistic about Facebook. Today, basically this blog article covers few helpful and awesome tricks that every Facebook user should know. Tricks are very simple and collected from different resources. So if you get any error while applying them, must share with us via below comment section.

1. Flat View On Facebook

Tricks That Every Facebook User Should Know
Flat view is not an official feature. It’s designed for Chrome users who use Facebook on Google Chrome. Flat view enables because of an extension. By enabling this extension, everything will be flat and simple which looks much good and better than official theme of Facebook. There’s no spam or virus or risk in this extension. It’s free from any type of virus. So must try this unofficial feature and enjoy a new environment. Get this Flat view extension by visiting here. On this page, steps are also mentioned to install and use it.

2. Remove Search History

Tricks That Every Facebook User Should Know
As we know, Facebook has also a search bar where we can search about people, pages, groups etc. Recently, Facebook added a feature in search bar that search history will be saved automatically when we will search anything about people, page, group or app. It’s totally like Google’s feature. Once you search on google, your search input becomes save. To remove, you’ve to clear search cache from the browser. Similarly, you’ve to clear search cache to remove search history on facebook. But how?

Here’s how can you remove search history in facebook search bar. Visit here and follow few simple guidelines that are free from any type of malware.

3. Save Facebook Post to Read Later

Tricks That Every Facebook User Should Know
It might be possible that while surfing home page on Facebook, you don’t have enough time to read someone else’s post deeply. So there’s an option also available officially to save post. By saving your post, it will be pinned at the top of your home. So next time when you’ll login your account, post will be showing persistently as a highlight stuff. So at that time, you can review and read your saved post in deep.

Saving option is officially. So don’t panic about that. Just follow the steps here in this article to save Facebook post to read later. While following, if you face any type of bug or error, so must inform via below comment section.

4. Change Facebook Username After The Limit

Tricks That Every Facebook User Should Know
Facebook doesn’t give permission to change display name again and again. Yeah! There’s a limit. If you cross its limit so you have to contact directly to the facebook support. Limitation is not fixed. If you have changed name more than 4 times in a month, so I think your limit has now been crossed and Facebook won’t now change your username via its settings. You must have to contact them. They will review your request then decide to change your name or not.

To submit your request to facebook, you’ve to fill a form. Form is very simple and there’s no need to get panic while filling or submitting form to change the username. Visit here and follow few important guidelines to change your name. Also get the form by visiting here on this page.

5. Logout Facebook Account From Different Location Without Changing The Password

Tricks That Every Facebook User Should Know
This one is a very helpful and quick trick to keep your account safe and secure. Suppose, if you login your account and due to any reason you’ve forgotten to logout your account in any device like computer and phone. After facing this trouble, 99% people would intend to change their password. But changing the password is not the only one option. Facebook user can also logout his account from different location, no matter where he was logged in. This feature is actually added recently. That’s why majority of us is not aware about that. So visit here and follow the steps to logout your facebook account without changing the password.

6. Play Facebook Games As An Anonymous Person

Tricks That Every Facebook User Should Know
Another trick for those who wanna play facebook games but don’t wanna show their profiles or any information. Facebook is also providing this opportunity to hide profile while gaming. Anybody else can hide his profile information while playing games or apps. This is actually an official feature, so definitely you’ve to do that through facebook settings. But how?

Here’s your answer of how. Visit this article and follow the steps to play games as an anonymous person. Steps are very simple, so follow them perfectly.

7. Use Facebook Antivirus

Tricks That Every Facebook User Should Know
So as we know, Facebook is now becoming a very huge social network, where every type of people you see. Due to the high of usage of Facebook, it’s possible viruses become on it. This is why innocent people or those who haven’t an awareness about that, are unsafe on Facebook and can be in trouble while using this network.

Recently, when it was observed that Facebook has now become a huge social network and people are using regular, so in this situation there should be a solution to avoid from these malware links.

So, Norton played an important role and introduced an online Facebook anti-malware application. Anybody else can use this app and being safe by scanning his Facebook account. But how to scan? Here in this link, simple steps are mentioned and deeply explain procedure to use it. Learn about this app and use feel free to scan your facebook profile.

8. Block Candy Crush or Other Apps Requests

Tricks That Every Facebook User Should Know
Candy crush or other similar games are interesting and good for time pass. But sometimes these types of games become a reason of irritation especially Candy Crush. Because you’ve to send request to your friends to play candy crush then it proceeds more. I have also such friends on Facebook who are mad for this game, but I don’t seriously like this. So if you also want that people never send you requests to play games on Facebook, so must read out here in this article. This blog article basically covers simple steps to block apps notifications on facebook especially steps are shown to block candy crush requests.

Final Opinion

So guys, these were few hidden features of facebook. May be, you know already in few of them, but some are updates features and very helpful for all Facebook users. So must try them and share this article after an experiment. Because it’s necessary that every facebook user should know about them.
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