How To Edit Scanned Documents In Three Steps

Edit Scanned Documents In Three Steps
Twenty years ago, our office desks were swamped with paper documents. Financial projections, reports, meeting notes - you name it, we stored it in paper format. The technological inventions of the early ‘90s played a great role in coining a term that will eventually escort paper from our offices - paperless productivity. We instantly picked up on it, and it has been changing our lives ever since.

However, if you look around your office, you will most likely notice paper documents scattered around, which means that we haven’t gotten rid of them completely.

Even though we couldn’t get rid of the notes, paperless productivity undoubtedly prompted us into storing old paper documents on our computers. We do that by scanning and exporting them into PDF. Thanks to its file security features, PDF has served its purpose as a digital file cabinet literally from its introduction in 1992. Unfortunately, the problem with the PDF is that it is not editable by default. For example, you scanned a yearly report and saved it on your computer. The time has now come to reuse certain points from that document, but you cannot unlock it. To do this, you need software that supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology - an advanced technology that reads text from images and transforms them into an editable digital format.

If you are dealing with lots of scanned files containing sensitive private and business information, the only safe option is a high quality desktop OCR PDF converter, which costs money. But sometimes it is fine to use an online converter, especially when you’re not dealing with classified information. One of the tools that will help you get the text out of scanned PDF into editable Word document is Investintech’s free online PDF OCR.

With this tool, you can extract text from a scanned PDF in just 3 simple clicks:

1. Select the PDF that you would like to convert.

Edit Scanned Documents In Three Steps
2. Type in your email address, to which the converted file will be delivered.

Edit Scanned Documents In Three Steps
3. Click “Start” to convert your document.

Edit Scanned Documents In Three Steps
It should also be noted that with Investintech’s online PDF OCR you can convert any number of scanned files of any size (there is no file size limit). This means that you can utilize advanced OCR technology as much as you like and get one step closer to complete paperless productivity.
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