What Is Tablet Mode In Windows 10? And How To Enable It?

What Is Tablet Mode In Windows 10
Tablet mode is a new feature in Windows 10. As we know, Technology is growing fast and laptop+tablet computer has been introduced. So after this consideration, first time Microsoft decided to introduce Tablet mode in Windows 10. Windows 10 is released with such an amazing concept and features and its official version is very different from the Technical preview. So, I will salute here to the Microsoft's team for effort, concepts, creativity and more.

Almost 3 months have been left, after releasing Windows 10, but still lots of users are not well aware yet from the features and its advanced options. In which one of the highlighted feature is tablet mode, that as I said above. If anybody has a tablet PC and using Windows 10 in it, but didn't try tablet mode yet then he/she is the biggest fool.

Actually, tablet mode is designed for tablets and touch screen PCs. After enabling this feature, buttons don't work and you've to use it by touching screen like as Smartphones. There's a quite difference between tablet mode and normal mode. I hope, you know very well about Windows 10 normal desktop mode that how it looks like. But tablet mode is some different. When you'll enable tablet mode then desktop won't show and start menu will look like above main image.

As I said in above paragraph, desktop won't show, when you'll enable tablet mode. Then at the left of bottom, an option will be appeared, by clicking it, a list of your all recently used applications will be shown. Furthermore, desktop will show like Windows 8 or 8.1 start menu, that works very smoothly. An example is here.

What Is Tablet Mode In Windows 10
Otherwise there's no more different in Windows 10 tablet mode.

How To Enable Tablet Mode In Windows 10?

Tablet mode never enable automatically, We have to enable it manually. There are two ways to enable it. First is from 'Action Center' and second definitely 'Control Panel'.

So to enable from Control Panel, first go to the 'Settings' through start menu.

What Is Tablet Mode In Windows 10
After that, Windows first time introduced Control Panel will open. Here click on the 'System'.

What Is Tablet Mode In Windows 10
Now click on 'Tablet Mode' that's listed at left pane.

What Is Tablet Mode In Windows 10
Now you can manage here tablet mode and customize its settings.

To enable Tablet mode through Action Center, simply click on its icon and then click on 'Tablet Mode'. That's it!

What Is Tablet Mode In Windows 10
But you can't manage its settings or options in Action Center. You've to go to the Control Panel must, to manage everything about Tablet mode.


So, this was my today's article that I covered finely. Basically my aim to publish this article isn't to show steps to enable tablet mode. On the internet, there are lots of articles, which already shared about the procedure and hope you know also already. Actually, I wanted to aware about tablet mode to the people that must try tablet mode, if they've tab+laptop. We should make our life easy. So why not in Windows 10? So try this feature and give your views about it through email or below comment section.
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