4 Best Ways To Take Screen Shot In Windows 10, 8 or 8.1, 7

Ways To Take Screen Shot In Windows
Sometimes when we need to take a shot in Windows operating system then normally majority of users don't know how to take or even if anyone knows though then knows only one way 'CTRL + Print Scrn'. I hope you're also in one of them. Well! if you're a Windows user and wanna need to take a shot ever of your whole screen or specific area then there are many other ways available. You can apply them and take a shot of your screen very simply.

So below are some easiest and my recommended ways to capture screen. Try them and give your views about this article. If you also wanna suggest us your own any different way then share with us via comment below. In your views, if this article is really helpful then don't forget to share it with other Windows OS users.

1. From Print Scrn

Ways To Take Screen Shot In Windows
As I said above, Majority of us knows to take a shot by pressing 'Win + Print Scrn'. But some users are still not aware from it. So for them, I'm explaining about it here that how to take a shot through Prnt Scr key. Normally this key presents between 'F12' and 'Scroll Lock' keys with name of "Print Scrn", "Prnt Scr", "PrtScn" or may be similar. So to take a shot by using these keys, first press "Windows key" that normally available between 'Ctrl' and 'Alt' keys at left of the Space key and at right too. So press the 'Windows key' and also press 'Prnt Scr key' and then leave both keys together. Now you've taken your shot. But no any type of notification will show, when you'll capture screen.

Now open Paint and paste here your shot by pressing 'Windows + V' keys. You can edit also here your captured shot and after everything, save it where you want.

2. By Using Lightshot Tool

Ways To Take Screen Shot In Windows
Lightshot is such an amazing tool that helps you to take a shot and also gives you an opportunity to edit your taken screenshot with it. After editing your picture, you can also upload directly by clicking on providing option. This tool is available for both the Macintosh and Windows devices. But Windows users use this in a majority. Well! here I'm talking totally about Windows OS, so to download this tool go to this link and then download setup that is almost 2.33 MB.

After downloading, simply install it and then open. After opening it, select your specific area that you wanna capture by using Mouse. Once the area selected then, it will look like above image.

In above image, you can see editing and different options are also listed at right and bottom. So, here by using them you can edit your captured shot and also upload it directly on prntscr data base.

3. By Using Snipping Tool

Ways To Take Screen Shot In Windows
Capture your screen with snipping tool is also best. Snipping tool is basically a built-in tool that is officially provided in Windows OS. It helps you to take a shot with an opportunity of editing too. You can select a region as your wish and easily can capture desktop screen. After taking your shot, you can also edit captured image. You can add words, arrows or whatever you want.

You can open it by searching 'Snipping Tool' in your Windows. When it will open, then you'll automatically be able to select region that you want to capture. It's almost like a Lightshot. Like a Lightshot, here you can also select your capturing region by using Arrow key. After selecting specific area, your shot will be opened suddenly in snipping editing tool. Here you can edit anything else that you want in your image and can save it everywhere in your Windows OS.

4. By Using Third Party Recording Softwares

Third-party recording Softwares also help to take a shot as well as recording. Some recording Softwares are very helpful and I like them most also. So, here's my suggestion is that if you're such user who needs to take shot most then use recording softwares. Below are some recommended screen recorders. So must try them and share your experience with us.

i. ZD Soft Screen Recorder:

Ways To Take Screen Shot In Windows
ZD Soft Screen Recorder is a very powerful and easy in use. It's not free. I use it, so that's why recommending here to you. You can record screen easily with 30 fps easily and also can take a shot by pressing just one button. It gives you everything you need to create high-quality videos that you can upload them directly to the YouTube or any other site. ZD Soft Screen Recorder is extremely easy to set up and use and also gives you powerful tools and settings.

ii. Ezvid:

Ways To Take Screen Shot In Windows
Ezvid is another recorder that's totally free and full of many features. It also provides you a built-in image or video editor with recording and capturing where you can split your recordings and add text in between two clips, creating a slideshow effect. There is no way to export the video you recorded. However, you can upload the video to YouTube through the program itself. For gamers, there’s an option to enable ‘Gaming mode’ where it records the windowed mode of your game.

For more free and purchasing recording softwares, please read this article "2015's Free & Purchasing Recorders"
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