Brand Storytelling: Why Is It So Effective?

Brand Storytelling: Why is it so effective?
Storytelling is often defined as a conveying of events in words, sounds or images, for entertainment, educational and, the thing that is of great importance for us - marketing purposes. Brand Storytelling has been around for decades, but with the social media boost of recent and the growing of content marketing, sharing the company’s story has become a top priority.

In 2014, a study has shown that from about 360 various ads a day, only about 150 are noted by an average person, the ones that leave a lasting impression are few and far between. Failing to connect with people, and failing to get emotionally invested, you are left with a missed opportunity for building a lasting relationship with your target market.

Understanding Brand Storytelling

If you think about it, a story has a same basic goal as a commercial – to capture the audience’s attention. To understand Brand Storytelling, you have to stop thinking like a marketer, because it is not about your product or the services you provide, it is about developing peoples’ interest. You are not pitching anything; you have to be authentic and honest, because a customer can sense dishonesty right away.

Knowing the basics of writing fiction is a good start. People love good arcs, with a beginning, middle and an end. You can share how your company got started, from early hardships, obstacles along the way to a celebratory victory lap. The goal is to make the ride enjoyable to the reader, if you make the story compelling and he enjoys it, he will come back again and again. However, you are not limited only to actual writing; your story could be told through blogs, videos or even infographics. This digital agency from Sydney actually specialized in great brand storytelling so take a look at some of their wonderful examples. It is more than just a piece of text on a web page, it is about communicating your message and presenting your values and ethics with every content you put out.

Storytelling Vs. Facts

You have to tap into your audiences’ emotions and values instantly and build a brand around a subject that they will support and relate to. Facts are important, but admittedly, they are rather boring unless they are Fun Facts. Ones’ story is what makes people care and gets anemotional response out of them. People make decisions based on their emotional response; facts come in later -to question or justify the decision they made. The facts are there for validation, but you cannot rely on them being compelling or persuasive to your potential buyers in most cases. However, depending on the market that you are targeting, you might want to consider employing transparent business as a marketing model. Be aware that your clients have many online sources available to test and investigate your claims.

The Science Of Storytelling

To explain it in the simplest way possible: our brain reacts differently to the different ways information is presented to us. Simple bulletins and presentations stimulate the language processing part of the brain and pretty much nothing else; just we decode words into meaning. While listening to a story, this changes completely. We use every part of the brain normally used when experiencing the events similar to those in the story we are listening. People tend to think in narratives throughout out the day, making up short stories for action and interaction they come across. Your story begins when the customer becomes aware of your business for the first time.

So think about telling a story about your brand to your future prospects. Involve them personally if you can and you will have no problems getting those mouth to mouth referrals once your target audience feels connected to your brand personally.

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John J. Stone is a business consultant and editor at Bizzmarkblog. He is a devout believer in the notion that form should always follow function and that developing the ability to think outside of the box is a prerequisite of being a successful entrepreneur.
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