Get Ready Or Optimize Windows 10 For PC Gaming (Quick Tips)

Optimize Windows 10 For PC Gaming
As we know, Windows 10 has been released and this version is really best for gaming after Windows 7. Gamers should try Windows 10 for gaming and share also an experience about to enjoy gaming on it. The most highlighted stuff is DirectX 12, which is introduced as well as Windows 10. After the releasing of Windows 10, I heard an issue about gaming that Windows 10 isn't supporting to games. I heard this from my friend, he's a PC gamer. So after that I researched about it and tried to solve 'Why gaming issues are happening in Windows 10?'

Before releasing Windows 10 officially, I read different reviews about gaming on Windows 10. So I knew that Windows will be the best version for PC gaming. Similarly, I also heard that PC and Xbox users will also be able to play games togetherly with Windows 10. So I was excited and expecting that this version will create a positive impact in our minds. But when I heard that Windows 10 isn't running games properly then I astonished at that time temporary, but now I found reasons behind this happening issue.

Different reasons may be possible which creating bugs while gaming. So if users consider them before playing games then problems may be solved. Because It's not a fault internally in Windows. These are externally issues that everybody can solve easily. So below are few basic and quick tips to optimize Windows 10 for gaming. Must try them before changing or downgrading your operating system.

Turn off Automatic Updates

One of the most hated stuff in Windows 10 is getting automatic updates. Microsoft introduced first time new and interesting features in this version like action center, Cortana, Microsoft Edge etc. So with all of them, Control panel menu is also different and first time introduced. Windows 10 has two setting panels. First is totally like previous versions panels. But second is different. Options, features, menus, in short everything is different in new Setting or Control Panel.

So whoever used Windows 10 yet, then faced Windows 10 automatic updates issue. So must turn off first automatic getting updates and then play games in Windows 10. Because while gaming, when Windows gets updates then it reserves memory and processes which create problem while playing games. So if you don't know how to configure updates setting in Windows 10 then read this article "How To Disable And Configure Automatic Updates In Windows 10?". Hopefully, you won't now face automatic getting updates problem next time.

Disable OneDrive

OneDrive was introduced first time in Windows 8 that's really helpful in my views. But if you've a gaming PC and windows 10 is installed in it then you should close OneDrive before gaming. Actually, OneDrive reserves bandwidth and in windows 10 most as compared with Windows 8 or 8.1. So disable it. To exit or disable its processes, simple right click on its icon at taskbar and then click on Exit.

Similarly, open your taskbar and check at once that 'Is OneDrive open or not?'. If it's processing then End this.

Use Overclocking Tools

Hope, you are well aware from overclocking Softwares. These tools help to overclock GPU. Overclocking means it helps to increase GPU core speed, memory speed, memory bandwidth, texture rate, pixel rate etc. I'm using now GTX 550ti, so GTX 550 ti core clock speed is 981 Mhz. So whenever I run overclocking tool then I set its setting to medium. It's mean I increase its core speed up to 1050 Mhz or even 1200 Mhz. Similarly you can increase more other important things of GPU which are important to play games.

Here's my recommendation, if you've an old GPU, so must try overclocking softwares. Recently, I wrote an article on "2015's Overclocking Softwares". So must read it and find best overclocker for you and your GPU.

Optimize SSD (Solid State Drive)

Optimization of SSD may be helpful. Most PCs have HDDs but this is a technology era and now users are starting to use SSDs in their computers especially gaming PCs. So if you've SSD installed then optimize it. Otherwise, skip this tip.

Basically, both drives are great, I mean HDD and SSD. But if user optimizes SSD in Windows 10 then it would be a good impact on gaming. So here in this article "SSD Optimization for Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 10", a complete guide is explained to optimize SSDs.

Uninstall Unnecessary Updates

You as much as possible should avoid from unnecessary updates in Windows 10. Because it might be effected for your gaming. So if you've installed updates, but don't know, what updates installed then check updates history and uninstall useless updates. If you don't how to do it, then here are steps for your convenience.

Open Windows 10 advanced setting panel from start bar.

Optimize Windows 10 For PC Gaming
Go to the 'Updates & Settings'.

Optimize Windows 10 For PC Gaming
After that, select 'Windows Updates' at left pane and then click on 'Advanced Options' at right.

Optimize Windows 10 For PC Gaming
This action will occur advanced options of Windows updates. Here find 'View Your Update History' and then 'Uninstall Updates'.

Optimize Windows 10 For PC Gaming
Once you clicked on this option, all installed updates will be shown in a list. Now here select installed update that you wanna uninstall or useless for you, right click on selected update and click on 'Uninstall'. That's it!

Optimize Windows 10 For PC Gaming

Uninstall or Remove Incompatible Softwares

If you've upgraded Windows 10 from previous version, so it's possible that previous operating system's softwares and applications may be present in Windows 10. Drivers may uninstall but softwares not. So if you reserved Windows 10 and downgraded then check Control panel must and find useless application which is installed in Windows 10.
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