Alternatives Selfie Apps To Retrica For iOS And Android

Alternatives Apps To Retrica or Candy For iOS And Android
Applications and Softwares, I think are now an important part of our life. There's in the huge amount and different varieties of Softwares have now been created, so that's why now it's hard to decide you which is better or not? As we know, Everybody has Smartphones and smart devices and nowadays selfie culture is common. In my views, it's all because of complexity and may be different stuff. People take pictures or selfies with their smartphones and wanna show to the other people through social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc as soon as possible.

A Majority of us knows very well about Retrica and Candy camera apps and lots people use them also. But due to the reckless of awareness, they don't use any other best apps that are much better and best alternatives to Retrica and candy. So, if you wanna know which are the best camera apps or better than Retrica or Candy Camera or best alternatives then must read this article.

Here below, I'm sharing best alternatives apps to Retrica and Candy for iOS and Android users and hopefully after read this, you'll be able to decide best application for you. If you wanna also recommend your own favourite camera apps then suggest us in below comment section.

Alternatives Apps To Retrica or Candy For iOS

Here's a list of alternatives apps to Retrica for iOS users. Myst try them and share your experience with us.

1. Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360 Ultimate is the best alternative app to Retrica or Candy. It offers you to take pictures or selfies with great built-in editing tool that provides helpful features to edit pictures or selfies. Multi camera mode, Smart scene recognition, Night mode, Double exposure and Multi-grid mode are some highlighted features of it. While capturing photo with Camera360 Ultimate, you can manually adjust exposure and focal length. Similarly, this app also offers fast focus in lightning. You can also adjust your pictures like professional level white balance and aperture adjustments.

2. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam provides several exciting features for iOS users. If you wanna raise standard mobile photography with your iOS device then this one is really best to do that. This app helps to improve image quality that gives better result. New enhancements include split focus & exposure on select devices, and the option to open VSCO Cam to camera mode.

It has also built-in editing tool like other applications. But some of the features are really best and different from other. So that's why, in my views this one app is different.

3. CamWow

CamWow is another best alternative. It provides awesome capturing effects as well as feature of editing. Everybody can take pictures and edit them. After taking and editing them, there will be huge difference between just taking pictures and taking plus editing. Because providing options for editing are seriously amazing. So download this tools and raise your photography with your iOS.

Some of the features like effects, filters adjusted perfectly to the camera lens etc are some including features of it. You can also share your pictures directly to the Facebook after taking with it.

Alternatives Apps To Retrica or Candy For Android

Here are some recommended alternatives for Android users. Must try them, enjoy and share your experience to use these alternatives.

1. Google Camera

Google Camera is such a most reliable alternative and very easy to use. It offers to create stunning photographic effects, but it depends on your smartphone camera quality. This app helps to control the camera's depth of field using Lens Blur to focus on the subject in the foreground and blur the background. Simply, thinking of raising smartphone photography with Google Camera is very good. So, if you didn't use this app yet then don't be late. Use it now and feel the experience to use better than Retrica or Candy Cam.

2. Camera MX

Camera MX is another best alternative. It's features, options etc in short everything is very good. Although, I didn't share this app as a best alternative for iOS users, but this one is really good for both platforms. Simple user interface, superior photo quality, extensive photo and video editing, 16:9 recordings support, Scene modes, Tablet compatible and Online Album are some highlighted stuff and features of this app. So get this one and must try.

3. Camera360 Ultimate

As I shared about this app above for iOS users, so this app is also best for Android users too. All the same features that I mentioned above, are included for Android version. This app has reached up to 500 million users. So if you didn't use it yet then you're missing a very good opportunity. All the features are highlighted in this app like lens blur, Easy Interface, Photo Switching and all that you want.

Final Thoughts

So these are two different lists of best alternatives to Retrica and Candy Cam. I know, i didn't share more other apps, but in your views, anyone else is also best alternative then recommend us or share with us via comment below. If you find help in this article then don't forget to share it with other Android and iOS users.
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  1. Interesting article, but I think the best photo editing software is this is my favorite one, try to and I'm sure you'll like it too. Hope it will be useful for you. Good luck.

  2. Thanks for the info on other apps to use. I've heard about Camera MX and Camera 360 Ultimate, but the others are new to me. Thx.