5 Spy Apps Myths Busted

5 Spy Apps Myths Busted
Most people don’t know much about this application, yet the moment they hear the word “spy” in the spy application, they turn into spy application experts within minutes. The word “spy” has earned a bad reputation over the years. Such a reputation usually gets tongues wagging, giving a chance to neurotics and sceptics to turn something pretty simple and innocent into something that seems downright dangerous. Therefore, for those people, we have 5 of the most common myths associated with spy applications right here. Read on to find out.

  • Ability to Access Data from Every Device in The Vicinity
  • One of the most common myths associated with spy applications comes from a time when such applications were relatively new in the market. Back then, people used to believe that if one user in the vicinity has iPhone spy application installed onto his device, the user of the target device will be able to access all the iPhone devices in the vicinity. This was never true, even back then. When a user installs an iPhone spy application onto the target iOS device, he will only be able to access the target device no matter how many similar devices might be in the vicinity. Thus, one does not need to be worried about getting all their personal data stolen just because they use a device that is similar to a target device in the vicinity in the make and model category.

  • Only Tech-Savvy People Can Control It
  • Spy movies like James Bond and Mission Impossible have developed this idea in our head that spy equipment like bugs, EMPs, etc are all incredibly hard to operate and only trained professional and use them properly. The same mindset has been extended to the use of spy applications. People have always assumed that spy applications are difficult to handle and even harder to operate. Fortunately, it is not so. Spy application were created for common people, therefore making it tough to handle is not in the favor of spy applications. Thus, no matter who needs to use spy applications, they can easily use it, whether they have a technological background or not.

  • Can Be Installed Without Physical Access To The Device
  • It is also an old-timey myth regarding spy applications that they can installed onto the target device without having physical access to it. It was as if nefarious people like pedophiles and stalkers could look into your personal belongings by installing spy apps onto your device through the air. The truth could not have been further than this. No matter how advanced a spy application is, it operates just like any other application there is. An individual at least needs one time access to the target device in order to install spy application onto it.

  • Device Has To Be Jailbroken or Rooted
  • Another myth associated with spy applications is that the target device has to be rooted or jailbroken to install spy applications onto it. Rooting or Jailbreaking a device is the process of removing the software restrictions placed onto a target device respectively by the manufacturer. It is the manufacturer’s way to prevent low-quality apps from destroying the device. Any good spy application can be installed onto the target device without rooting or jailbreaking it. It is only low-quality spy applications that need the device to be rooted or jailbroken, thus you need to steer clear of such apps at all costs.

  • Spy Apps And Spyware Are The Same Thing
  • While spy applications are used as a surveillance tool that enable parents and employees to keep an eye on target device wherever they maybe, spyware are a completely different thing. According to Google, spyware is any software of application that “enables a user to obtain covert information about another's computer activities by transmitting data covertly from their hard drive.” Does that even sounds remotely like the same thing at all? Spy applications were created with the intention of privatizing surveillance methodologies so that common people can keep an eye on their loved us in such a perilous world while spyware was invasive in nature, ever since its inception. While one is used to provide protection, the other is used to invade people’s personal privacy and exploit them in the worst ways imaginable. Thus, those who believe that spy applications and spyware are the same thing, they cannot be further from the truth.

    The Bottom Line

    Spy applications are a great means of keeping an eye on people and to ensure that they stay safe at all times. There are some skeptics out there that find its design to be basically invasive in nature, and such skeptic ideas usually give rise to myths, a few of which we have debunked up there. We hope that we have assuaged some of the spy apps related myths up there and have given you the much-needed peace of mind.

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