Top 5 Reasons: Why PCs Are Better Than Macs?

Top 5 Reasons: Why PCs Is Better Than Macs?
We are all aware from PC and Macintosh computers. It’s 21st century, and there’s no any third type of computer that we use the most. Only PCs and Macs are popular now and people prefer to use them as their wish. Everyone has their own different thinking. Some people prefer to buy Mac, but some prefer to use PCs. Both computers have their own features and benefits. But here I’m gonna highlight 5 reasons ‘Why PCs are better than Mac?’

It’s not that only PCs are better. Macintosh computers have their own features which make them better than PCs. Well! Today my aim isn’t to write this article to hurt Mac users. If any Mac user says that only Macintosh is better or any PC user says, just PCs are, so it’s wrong. Both have their own features, advantages or benefits.

Macs Are Expensive

Yes! No doubt Macintosh are much expensive than PCs. Middle class or lower class users can’t afford them. If you go to the market to buy PC, so you can get latest one like Hp, Dell, Lenovo etc with 5th generation, 8 GB ram, 1 TB HDD, 256 SSD and 4 GB Graphics card in maximum or almost $1000. Even if you build your own manually PC then you can build easily in $1200 to $1500. But if you buy a Mac with same configurations then you have to pay maybe $5000 for that. So you can imagine, how much the Mac is expensive. Almost 5 times expensive than PCs.

If you didn’t believe that how much the Mac are expensive then see below image. The difference between them is cleared.

Top 5 Reasons: Why PCs Is Better Than Macs?

Mac Isn’t For Gamers

Yeah! It’s useless for gaming lovers. Mac is a such platform where you can do everything that we normally do on computer, but you can’t gaming on it. You can enjoy it’s built-in operating system games, but not reality-based games. So in this fact, PC is much good. It can handle highly optimized and high graphics games easily. In today’s era, no one is there yet which can provide better graphics than PC, even Xbox or Playstation can’t.

So, if you’re a gaming lover but wanna work as well as gaming then Macintosh platform isn’t for you. You should choose PC platform must. Otherwise, you are wasting your money.

Doesn’t Support To every Software

Windows programming is very similar to games. So the same is valid with Mac. There are lots of programs that Mac supports, but not all. Sometimes, Mac users have to face trouble while installation of any program. So in this situation, it’s very sensitive. But PC’s world is a blowout of free and shareware, free downloads that do pretty much anything. Normally, on Mac you have to need to change the settings to introduce anything that isn’t sanction by Apple itself. It implies the product all functions admirably, yet the decision is constrained.

Sometimes Is Risky In Security Issues

If you have in mind that Mac is the most protected and highly secure place where you can store your data feel free then it’s not true. Every device which is connected to the internet, never be safe itself. We have to make own safe and secure.

Yes! It’s right that Mac’s softwares and applications are more secure and free from any type malware than PCs. But not all. Most people think, there’s no need to use an anti-virus in Mac. But as we know, the world of the internet is now full of viruses and spamming links. So, no anyone else is now safe. We must have to need an antimalware and third party firewall applications to make our devices more secure and safe.

So if you think, Mac user is safe then it’s a wrong fact.

We Can’t Upgrade Mac

The most highlighted hated stuff is, we can’t actually upgrade Mac devices. PC users can upgrade their devices time to time as wish. But Mac user? NO. So in this fact PC is better and affordable for every class people even lower class also. So before buying, please be sure and confirm, Which device is compatible in both of them or Which device is affordable for you.

I’m not saying here that Mac is totally useless. You know what this device is still my dream. Whenever I think about to buy Mac then due to any issue, I’ve to burial my intent. So still dreaming about to buy it. So I’m now clearing again that both devices have their own features and benefits. But today this article is totally based on negative fact about Mac. So at the end of this article, I wanna sorry to all Mac users for hurt. :p That's it!
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  2. Awesome, That's really a cool comparison. PCs are better than Mac.
    Thanks for sharing this post :)
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  3. Yeah PCs are much better than Mac.All the facts in the comparison are true

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  4. Awesome, That's really a cool comparison. PCs are better than Mac.
    Thanks for sharing this post :)

  5. I agree with you that pcs are better than mac. Easy availability of softwares for PC is one of the main reasons why PCs are better.
    Thanks for sharing this post.