10 Tricks That Enable A Better Battery Life For Android Phones

10 Tricks That Enable A Better Battery Life For Android Phones
We all would agree that we carry our smartphone almost everywhere! We have been diagnosed by a disease ‘Mobile Phobia’ it is an adverse situation when a man can forget everything except his ‘Mobile’. Social networking sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram are our normal hangouts. While others are constantly occupied by phone calls the whole day! We move out with our phones charged 100%, but at the end, we ourself are not aware when and how a battery is draining down.

This article has some basic tips that we need to know to give a healthy battery life to your Android phones. We know all these, but a quick overview would be helpful to regain our memory. These 10 tricks may be life-saving information for many of us!

Essential Tips That Allow Minimum Battery Drain

The mobile battery to work the whole day requires a little care and some basic adjustments to live the whole day. We search for a charging socket everywhere, but these simple tricks will help you to save your battery for a few hours. Practice these tricks every day and prevent losing of battery!

1. Use A Fast Charging Charger

Make sure you acquire a good charger! This means every phone is allotted with a charger specially made for your phone. If you have misplaced, lost or broken your charger, do buy a new charger so that your phone is partnered with its exclusively designed charger!

2. Switch Off The Phone While Charging

We all have a bad habit of messing with our phone 24/7. Your phone needs some rest too! For all the users closely attached to their phones, please switch off your mobile phone at least during charging. This helps your phone to get charged fast instead of draining as you use it!

3. Turn Screen Brightness To Auto

The screen brightness should be shifted to Auto mode. This is better as the phone manages the phone’s brightness according to the need. Lesser the brightness relate to less consumption of the battery. This is what we do every time as we see that the battery won’t work for some more hours!

4. Clear Off Background Apps

This practice should be done every time as you finish using on your phone. Don’t forget to turn off all the unnecessary apps and games that may consume your battery. More accumulation of background apps, more the tendency of a battery to drain. Also, make sure your Bluetooth, hotspot and other inbuilt apps are switched off, they too love consuming your battery!

5. Lessen Screen Timeout

The screen timeout should be switched to 30 seconds, which is the minimum. If the screen timeout is more than you might not be knowing that your phone is losing its battery. This problem doesn’t prevail much now, with smartphones that get switched off after it senses the phone is not being used anymore!

6. Switch To Flight Mode

In case, you are in a remote place where there is no availability of network, then it’s better you put your phone in flight mode. When you are on a flight, this mode is the best as it disables all incoming calls, texts. Dig in your headphones and enjoy your favorite playlists. Switch on to Flight Mode to save battery in remote places.

7. Avoid Live Wallpapers

Get rid of live wallpapers rather than use static wallpapers! For the live wallpapers to stay alive, your battery is at stake! Avoid live wallpapers to enjoy longer battery. Also, disable phone’s animation to retain your B-A-T-T-E-R-Y!

8. Reduce Data Usage

Reduce your phone’s Data Usage! It’s not easy, but just till your phone is alive till you require it. The other option is to carry your charger along everywhere! Your 4G net may consume huge amount of batter as compared to 2G or 3G.

9. Opt For Power Saving Mode

This power saving mode when turned on extracts some battery from your smart phone. This will give you sufficient battery life to withstand a phone call or message. Just turn on the power saving mode and use it for urgent calls!

10. Regular Update Of All Apps

Upgrade all your apps with the latest version. One of the latest features of these new versions enables efficient battery saving option. So, don’t delay in updating all your older versions apps thinking it is not required. But now that you know this fact, regularly update all your apps to save battery!

Wrapping Up!

These small tricks require less time to implement but works wonders by saving a good percentage of your battery everyday. Save your Battery life effortlessly. This trick would help you stay connected to your phone till you have a sustainable battery available on your mobile. These tricks may be helpful when your phone doesn’t have sufficient battery left! Follow this for a better battery life!

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