Best Apps To Organize The Whole Family

Best Apps To Organize The Whole Family
It’s not easy staying on top of your own to-do list, never mind when you try to factor in the schedules of everyone else in your family. One kid has soccer practice, another has a flute recital, you have an important meeting, and your spouse has to give a presentation. How will you manage to fit in a family outing that doesn’t clash with anyone’s plans?

Once again, technology comes to the rescue. There are millions of apps out there, and there are at least a few hundred that can help you organize yours and your family’s schedules so you are all on the same track and can continue to nurture healthy relationships.

Grocery Shopping

You feel a moment of pride when you finally make it to the grocery store and pick up some milk, only to learn that your partner has also managed to squeeze in a trip to the store and has picked up even more milk. Say goodbye to these awkward moments by downloading Grocery IQ. This app allows you to make a grocery list that you can access and share across multiple devices. You and your partner can coordinate the shopping, even if you end up at different supermarkets.


Even if you take great pains to remind everyone to write down important events on the family calendar, chances are you’ll forget to check it if you’re in a hurry. Apps like Cozi synchronize everyone’s schedules and activities on your phone so you’re never late for another school event. Cozi can also help you coordinate to-do lists, so no one does the same job twice. This can save you all time running errands, and leave you more time to relax with your family.

Enforcing Curfew & Grounding

Apps like Shadow SPY can be used to spy whatsapp, Facebook, and text messages on your teenager’s phone and uses GPS to track their location. This way, you can be sure that they’re being truthful about their whereabouts on a Friday night, and that they are somewhere safe. This app runs in stealth mode and silently monitors all device activities, so you can also make sure they’re not doing anything online that they shouldn’t be doing.

Two homes

When the children live in two different homes it can be very difficult for parents and step-parents to coordinate schedules. Trusting children to communicate effectively is not always a reliable method, as sometimes kids forget things until the last minute. Two Happy Homes is an app that can make co-parenting easier. It centralizes everything from medical records, finances, and calendars. You can also share school photos and important files.


There are a plethora of apps to remind you of social and family events; Facebook, Google Calendar, iCloud, and even LinkedIn. Despite your best efforts, keeping track of all of them is enough to give you a major migraine. Instead, leave the scheduling to Sunrise; a minimal, color-coded app that synchronizes events from all your apps in one convenient location.
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