How To Convert Joomla Website To WordPress

How To Convert Joomla Website To WordPress
Joomla is an amazing CMS that is used by a large number of people for managing and publishing their websites. However, when it is compared with other CMSs, it falls at the second place and by a huge margin. I hope you would have figured out who tops the list and that too by a huge margin. Yes, it's WordPress. The power that WordPress provides its users in the form of countless themes and plugins is hard to match or rival. Due to this reason, most of the Website owners are converting their Joomla website into WordPress.

The complete process of migration can be a daunting one, especially for the first timers. However, to simplify it, this post consists of the entire conversion procedure in the form of steps.

Let's have a look on them.

Installing WordPress

The foremost requirement before the start of the conversion process is to have WordPress installed. Along with this, you will need a good host and an amazing domain. Once you are finished with the installation process of WordPress, you can move over to the main procedure for converting your Joomla website to WordPress as mentioned below.

Installation of Plugin

Once you have successfully installed WordPress, now the actual process begins. For this, firstly you will have to go the WordPress dashboard and click on the 'Plugins' tab. After that click on 'Add New'. Now you will see a search bar that is situated at the top right side of the page. Here you will need to type 'FG Joomla to WordPress' and begin the search. Once the search is completed you will be able to see the name of the plugin over there. There are various other plugins that you can choose from, although 'FG Joomla to WordPress' is one of the highest rated and reliable ones. Now click on the name of the plugin and then 'Install Now'. Now all you need to do is click on 'Activate Plugin' and you are done.

Finding Joomla Database Parameters

For this, you will have to log in and move over to the 'System Tab'. After that, you will see few options in the drop down menu. Now click on 'Global Configuration'. Once you have entered the 'Global Configuration' panel, move over to the Server tab. Here you will find the 'database Settings'. All the values that are mentioned for the Host, Database Username, Database Name and Database Tables Prefix have to be copied.

Importing Joomla Content Into WordPress

After performing the above steps now the actual process of migration will begin. For this, move over to the WordPress dashboard and look out for the 'Tools' tab. There you will have to choose 'Import' option. Here you will find the Joomla option that is situated between the 'Categories and Tags Converter' and 'Livejournal'. Click on the option. Now you will see a list of fields to be filled. For the migration process to function properly, you will have to click on 'Empty WordPress content'. Once you are done with this, you will have to fill out the URL of your Joomla website along with the database parameters that were mentioned in the previous step.

You will come across some of the options that will determine that what kind of content will be imported on your Joomla pages and posts. Once you are done with all of them, just click on the 'Save settings' and you are done. You will receive a message regarding the success of the migration process.
How To Convert Joomla Website To WordPress

Modification of Internal Links

Once the migration process has been performed successfully, all you need to care about are the internal links. These internal links point to other pages within your websites. These links are considered important because they enable your visitors to make their way around. However, this aspect is also covered under the FG Joomla to WordPress plugin. The plugin has a tool that will perform this task efficiently. Just move over to the 'Import' tab within 'Tools' and click on the button located at the bottom right that reads as 'Modify Internal links'. This finishes the entire migration process. You just need to ensure that your migrated website is functioning is a proper manner or not.


So, if you are looking to migrate your website from Joomla to WordPress, the above-mentioned points will act as a guidance for you. Following the above steps will make the tedious looking conversion process an easy one.

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