Things That Affect The Credibility Of Your Business Website

Things That Affect The Credibility Of Your Business Website
Earning the trust of your customers is, perhaps, the most difficult thing you have to do as a company. Customer loyalty and trust are tricky. It's almost like you will keep working on them for the rest of your company's existence. And it is true. Even well-loved brands with a cult following like Apple still work double-time to make every experience memorable to their customers. And this is Apple we're talking about. So, unless you have sold about a billion of your products, there's no reason for you not to work as hard as any organization to impress your customers to no end.

The design of your website has a subconscious impact on the customers. Do you know that web visitors will usually stay a maximum of 20 seconds before leaving to see another site? Every company struggles with customer loyalty and website credibility. Don't worry. You are not alone in finding ways to not only impress your customers but make them want to go back to your website.

How Do I Know the Right Web Design?

This isn't something you can do on your own. It takes a whole team to decide on the design and layout of the website. You will need a web design and development agency to guide you through choosing the right design for your website. A graphic designer will create the logo and slogan for your organization. Of course, you will be at the core of this process. You will have the last say. You will have the loudest voice in the room since no one knows your company and its products better than you.

But let the web designers propose the kind of website they think will generate more views. Give the graphic designer the freedom to create a logo that will become as iconic as Nike's. Assemble a team that you trust, so you never have to worry about the direction they are taking your company to.

Aesthetic and Usability

The belief is that beautiful things look more functional in the eyes of the users. Good-looking websites and mobile apps will impact the first impression of customers. They are more tolerant of minor issues as long as they like what they see. And because they have a positive feeling about your website, their experience is off to a good start.

But the aesthetics cannot cover up for the lack of usability of the website. No matter how good your website looks, it will still disappoint web visitors if it doesn't function the way it should. So, make sure that it's easy to navigate that even your technologically challenged friends can find what they are looking for.


It's not about the design per se, but what they can find on your website. Customers value honesty more than anything else. It's important for them to feel that they can trust you. They want to know what you do, who you are, who the people are behind the company, and how you interact with your customers. Most of all, they hate websites that make it hard for them to see the prices of the products and services.

The harder it is to find such information on your website, the less likely it is that customers will want to interact with it again. Make this information the focal point of your website. Customers are there not to get impressed with your colors, layout, and graphics (although those are important, too). They are there to find the information they need about your company.


When customers visit a website, they already have an idea of what they should see. They want the same colors, logo, and brand they see in your physical store or any marketing material they've come across. When there is no consistency in design, they will be apprehensive of browsing through the website. How sure are they that this is the same site where you said you've uploaded the products? There are so many fake sites out there that try to hoodwink netizens out of their hard-earned money, so it's quite natural that customers are wary of sites that are not consistent with the brand's overall design.


Audiences are more aware than ever of the security threats on the internet. On your website, make sure to tell your customers what security measures you have that will protect the data they share with you. If they leave personal and financial information with you when they transact, they should know that these are being protected. Encrypt the data being shared. Don't leave any room for mistakes. The quickest way to lose your customers' trust is to suffer a major data breach that puts their information in the wrong hands.

Before customers think about transacting with a brand, they want that brand to show that they can be trusted. More than 79% of customers think this way. Your website is your first line of defense. Through its design and functionality, it can help build trust and credibility.
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