3 Best Tools For Search Everything In Windows

3 Best Tools For Search Everything
Although Windows Operating System has already its built-in search engine where you can search everything about your data which is installed or present in your computer. But sometimes, Windows search engine doesn't work properly. As a result, it doesn't find that you want. This is why, sometimes when you try to find something else in your operating system then Windows doesn't give a proper result of your search. So, in this situation you need to use some external tools like searching tools that can help to find everything else easily.

If you have used Windows 10 and know about the searching assistant of it, so definitely you'll know about Cortana. Cortana is an assistant in Windows 10 that will help you while finding everything in your computer including the internet result too. This feature is very similar to SIRI, SIRI is also an assistant in Mac OS. To know more about Cortana, please read this Microsoft's official article.

Well! reason behind to discuss about Cortana is just that Windows 10 users will never face now any problem while finding something else in their operating system. But it's a problem for old version's users, I mean Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1 users. Because this feature is introduced first time in Windows 10. That's why, it's not available in previous versions. So, to fix this bug, what the users should have to do?

Simply, As I said above they have to use some tools that can help to find anything else except any problem. If you're a Windows user excluding Windows 10, so you should use searching tools. Here, I shared some trusted and best tools that will help you to find anything and everything else in your Windows operating system.

1. UltraSearch

3 Best Tools For Search Everything
UltraSearch is a freeware searching tool. It helps you to find everything else like files and folders in local NTFS drives of your computer. By putting a file name or file format like .exe, .bin etc, it will give you search result in few seconds. Even UltraSearch also gives your search result, while you're still typing. It's no necessary in UltraSearch, your required file name's spelling should be correct or proper. If you write similar spelling and even wrong then it will detect that you wanna find and will give your search result. UltraSearch can find almost every type of file like text, RTF, HTML, CSV, Excel file etc. It can also give a complete detail about the file or folder, when you find it.

You can download it free from its official site for both the 32-bits or 64-bits devices. Some of the highlighted features are also shown:
  • It's free, quick and very speedy.
  • It can find files and folders in all popular and used formats.
  • It can suggest patterns or autocomplete manually entered patterns automatically.
  • It's available for both the 32-bits and 64-bits devices.

2. Locate32

3 Best Tools For Search Everything
Locate32 is another best search utility specially for Windows users. By using it, you can find every type of files and folders in your NTFS disks. It can also detect your required input in Removeable or remote devices. The software includes a dialog based application as well as console programs that can be used to update and access the databases. Locate32 is not primarily meant to find text or data within files, but it has a primitive feature to do this.

It's very easy in use. Just download and then enjoy. Actually, it is similar to the other searching tools. But we can say, simplicity is the feature of it. Yes! it's very simple in use. you can find all files and folders almost in every popular formats. You can download it directly from official site for 32-bits and 64-bits devices. Some of the main features are included:
  • Simple, easy and quick.
  • It's available for both the 32-bits and 64-bits devices.
  • Autocomplete manually entered patterns.
  • Awarded by Softpedia, Findmysoft, Zwodnik and bestsoftware4download.

3. FileSearchEX

3 Best Tools For Search Everything
FileSearchEX is another best search utility for Windows 7,8 and 8.1. It's really best alternative of Windows search engine. You can use it for search PDF Files, Word Files, RAR. File etc, even if other devices like mobile devices, USB, Removeable devices etc are connected then FileSearchEX can easily find in them. It provides a basic and simple context menu of search like Windows XP, so everyone or anybody can easily use it for search everything in hard drives especially NTFS drives. Due to it's low requirements, It works very proper and perfect. Few of the best features are included:
  • Low system requirements.
  • Auto expand network shares.
  • View image thumbnails.
  • Search the contents of PDF files, Word documents, etc.
  • Search mobile devices and virtual folders.
  • Search network shares and UNC paths.
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