How Promo Models Can Optimize Your Social Media

Promo Models Can Optimize Your Social Media
In the modern age of social media marketing, businesses and brands face greater competition to get noticed than ever before. Social platforms offer an effective and inexpensive way to connect with consumers on their turf.

With more and more social media companies catering to businesses with analytics and special features, every sensible business should maintain an excellent social media presence. One of the best ways to ensure this is by utilizing the power of promo models.

What Are Promo Models?

Promotional models, or promo models for short, are individuals for hire to promote a product, event, or brand. They are ideally charismatic, attractive, and add flair and dynamism to any project.

Essentially, using promo models works because of a twist on the celebrity endorsement effect. You may be aware of this phenomenon already: if a famous celebrity or athlete tells you that something is good or that they use a certain product, you’re more likely to believe them and want that product.

When it comes to promo models, you don’t necessarily need the celebrity aspect of this strategy, but it works in a similar way. By having dynamic, attractive individuals touting your brand, you are showing consumers that high-quality people use your product or support your business. Trade show models function the same way, drawing people in because people like being around them, and also associating themselves with the brand.

Uses in Social Media

Social networks are an optimal medium to use promotional models. Why? Two main factors come into play here.

First, social media is a highly visual medium. Of course, this varies from platform to platform, but many of the dominant players (Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat) all revolve mainly around photo sharing. Even Facebook, used much more for events and longer pieces of text, has focused on pictures and videos in recent years.

Since humans are primarily visual creatures, it makes sense that having good photo and video content is important for every brand. Since promo models (as the name implies) excel at modeling products and at promoting them visually, they become ideal players in the social media scene.

The other factor is inherent in the name “social” media itself. These parts of the internet are meant to be social; human-to-human connection is key. Users would much rather interact with and observe a person using a product or service than to have a faceless corporation advertise that service directly to them. This human-centric approach makes promo models especially effective.

Get Creative

Now that we’ve covered why promo models can optimize your social media presence, here are some creative ways to use them in your next social campaign.

The most direct and simple way to utilize promo models is via photoshoots. This is especially easy for companies selling a physical product, but isn’t limited to that area. Photoshoots of smiling promo models promoting an energy drink, a shoe brand, a stapler… anything can be enhanced by charismatic people.

Try taking this concept further by taking a Boomerang or a short video, which will make your promo personnel come to life even more. The closer to real life you can get, the better.

Another great way to use promo models is by having them do a social media account takeover. This can be especially effective If the promo model in question has a decently large following already, because you may get direct exposure to their fan base as well. Let your most capable promo model with the best personality post stories to your Instagram or Snapchat for a week, giving users the most organic and personal experience.

Where to Find Them

So where does a company go to find these incredibly helpful individuals?

Many brands post casting calls and job listings locally to find talent. This can be effective as long as you trust that there are qualified people in the area, and your listing is as dynamic and interesting as you want your promo staff to be. Have potential applicants email demos and info to your hiring team, and go from there.

Another, perhaps easier way to go about hiring is by going through an event staffing agency. These agencies specialize both in specific event staffing for trade shows and corporate functions as well as promo talent for campaigns and social media. Most large agencies have a registry of thousands of promotional models nationally, and can find you the right people regardless of location.

In Summary

Overall, promo models are a great bet for optimizing your brand’s social media presence. Their mere presence can bring to life an otherwise dull or impersonal page or ad campaign.

Since social media is both highly visual and human-centered, promo models fit an ideal niche when it comes to spicing up your advertising. Focus on including their talents in photo and video content.

To find promotional models, post job listings or search for national staffing agencies. Once you find the right people, you’ll be well on your way to optimizing your social media marketing. Get creative with page takeovers and people-centered content, and your brand will be thriving in no time!

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