5 Free Ways To Promote Your New Blog

Free Ways To Promote Your New Blog
In the past few years, more and more bloggers are exploring free avenues to promote new blogs. Let us face it, if you are starting a blog, you might be constrained with limited budgets and resources. While this can be a challenge, this should never be an impediment to success.

Before we begin the article, I want readers and users to relate to some direct questions-
  • Are you looking to explore blogging as a full-time profession?
  • What is your expectation from becoming a blogger? Is it money, fame, status or something else?
  • Have you heard about content marketing, content strategy or content promotions?
  • Do you have a basic idea about digital marketing?
  • Are you willing to invest hard work and creativity for at least six months?
  • Have you set an expectation about where you want your website to be in the next six months?

If you have thought about these questions, and I assume every blogger does, you have come to the right article. In this article, I will help young and budding bloggers to explore free ways to promote new blogs.

With a strong digital marketing strategy and some smart thinking, you will be in an advantageous position. There are many who will tell you that exposure, traffic, and engagement cannot happen without investing money.

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This is not the case at all. In fact, these people think that money is a substitute for hard work and smart thinking. They do not understand that a strong content marketing and digital strategy can help overcome the power of money.

5 Ways To Promote Your New Blog: [The List]

1. SEO Friendly Long Format Quality Content

The only thing that a blogger cannot compromise on is the quality of content. According to industry experts, long-format articles work far better than short articles on search engines. Google considers long articles as authority ones and hence increases their reach organically.

If you are starting out, your first priority should be to create SEO friendly content. You can take help from keyword research tools and integrate focus keywords in your content. Bear in mind that your content needs to be informational, engaging, humorous and solution offering.

2. Aggressive Social Media Sharing

Even though social media platforms are being stunted by declining organic reach, there is a way around that. Try exploring supposedly newer platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn Publishing. In comparison to Facebook and Instagram, both of these platforms offer far greater organic reach and engagement.

It is important that you post at least once a day on social media platforms. The more regular you are with your posts, the better will be the engagement. Social media helps you divert traffic from social platforms to your blog site. By creating great visuals and taking help from compelling copy, you will be able to see a difference in your website traffic in some time.

3. Pursue Guest Posting In Your Industry Niche

I once read an expert who said that it is always better to write for someone than to write for a website with no traffic! If you are a new blog site owner, it is always better to contribute a high-quality article to a website, which has a lot of traffic.

Please bear in mind, that you should always guest post in your related industry websites. By pitching a novel idea and creating high-quality content, you will be able to get a backlink on the other website. In addition to traffic, guest posting helps in building relationships, networks and also grants you the famed ‘backlinks’.

4. Promote Your New Blog On Sites Like Quora & Reddit

In 2019, Quora and Reddit still command credibility, authenticity and high organic reach. People come to Quora in order to look for genuine solutions to their problems. No matter what your industry, you will come across thousands of questions corresponding to it.

By answering at least three questions each day and intelligently linking your blog article, you will see a substantial difference in about three months. One-line answers are not going to cut it. You need to engage with the question and be empathetic about the response. If people find your answer to be genuine enough, they will follow the link back to your website.

5. Network And Accept Guest Posts

Guest Posting works either ways. If you are looking for guest posting opportunities, remember others are doing the same as well. Getting as much content on your site as possible should be your intention. By accepting guest posts, you will be networking with other blog owners and content writers.

However, it is important that you maintain strict Content Quality Guidelines for your website. This will help you maintain a certain level of quality on the website. Please be careful as to who you choose to network with. Always try to grow your community in your industry niche. This will help you get shout-outs, social shares and build your credibility over time.


Promoting a new blog is not an easy thing to do. It becomes much more difficult if you have limited budgets and resources. However, you can use your hard work, communication skills, and smart thinking to overcome the problem.

Once you start seeing some progress take help from a Content Marketing Agency to create your:
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Promotions
  • Content Sharing

By following the above five points religiously for at least six months, you will be able to see some movement in your website’s position. Most bloggers become impatient well before that and abandon everything. The ones who stick it out are the ones who earn thousands of dollars post the first year of their struggles.
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