Surefire Tips To Writing An Interactive Short Story

Tips To Writing An Interactive Short Story
Composing a short story is one of the trickiest things. In novels, usually, you get ample ways to make your point clear. If you miss out a single place to highlight a certain point, you know you can get other areas where you can make the right impact.

Well, that’s not the case in a short story. You have to work hard to make sure that your story is well versed. You have a very little area to construct your plot at the same time create the sketch of your character. You have to build a connection with the target audience along with writing down the story precise enough to clear every area.

You have to follow a definite format that can make it easier for you to compose a killing script. In stories the genre may vary, many of your customers may even want you to sketch a complete thrilling scene in just a few words. As tricky as it may sound so it is to attempt. Well in such drastic circumstances, all you should do is to follow certain tips mentioned below:

Get Inspiration

To compose a great story you should remember two things that there is no great plot. Almost every story has been covered in a thousand different manner. It depends upon you who you write it. Secondly, it takes hardly an hour or two to write down your story if you know what the plot is. So, focus mostly on making your plot than writing your thoughts down.

So, go on a walk, observe people, brainstorm some creative incidents, and add a touch of brilliance in it to more it sounds more interesting for your readers. There are people who spent time close to nature to get refreshed and free from any fears for thinking about a plot. After all, if you keep yourself in a constant stressful state you cannot think straight.


The second important thing is to make short drafts. It may possible that you get more than one idea for your plot. What you can do is to write them all down on separate areas and observe critically which one can have more readership. You have to analyze if the plot is too common to attempt or too vague to describe. Do not put yourself in an uncomfortable area to do the best thing. Because if you cannot elaborate on your idea your readers will fail to connect with the emotions and that’s a loss for you. It’s the habit that every writer adopts even those who have to create a Wikipedia page as that requires perfection.


The next thing you should focus on is the characterization. You have to make sure that your audience connects with your character. They should feel the pain, happiness and every drop of emotions. You have to sketch it in a way your words should make every aspect of his personality clear. They should be able to identify his tone, voice, and aura. If you can do that, you know you have done a brilliant job as people will not only read it but would feel happier to share it with others ultimately increasing the online reach.


Every writing genre has some sort of format to follow. You cannot attempt everything like the way they are. You should take the time out to analyze what your customer wants and how that project should be attempted. In a story-writing task, you have either to divide that into mini-chapters or compose it in a way that every break and pause becomes visible. You cannot simply start writing it down like an article with taglines. You have to maintain a flow and a tone. From the beginning of the story, you have to make sure that its genre becomes clear. It should sound horrifying and equally interesting right from the start.


The last thing, which is the fundamental step to ensuring the credibility of your story, is it is flawless. It should be so well composed that it should not have any error in it otherwise you will end up ruining its flow.
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