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Mobirise Web Builder
Looking for the perfect website? Well there are a number of toolkits available around the web for developing your perfect website a they offer many features for some prices and you don’t even have to worry for the designs and developing it in the most professional way. Templates are easily available, and you just need to search out for some extensive varieties.

Bootstrap is an open source toolkit to develop using HTML, CSS and JS. You can easily prototype your idea or you can build up aa whole app using it’s Sass variables, responsive grid system, a very extensive library of pre built components and some powerful plugins built with jQuery. It’s the world’s most popular front end component library.

Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise website builder a free app for windows and Mac for creating small to medium websites, resumes, portfolios and landing pages easily and swiftly. It has around 1800+ website blocks and template for you to choose from and help you out in starting up a new website in the easiest ways possible.

Even if you are a non techy that don’t know about programing and basics of web development and of course only go for the designs and looks than Mobirise is the best app for you with countless possibilities. And if you are a professional than this will help you in developing a faster prototype and small projects.

It’s very uniquely different from traditional online web development platforms. Key differences include a very easy to use interface, Latest web blocks out of the box techniques, Mobile Friendly and totally free for personal or commercial use.

Bootstrap templates

Having a perfect bootstrapped website is a dream come true for any one. But having the right template is all that is important in this fast pace world no one has the time to develop new templates.

Mobbirise Template offers free bootstrap templates for businesses, blogs and portfolio websites. It’s best for any type of product marketing of any category and the webpage is totally mobile friendly and works fine on any smart phone or smart device. The themes of these templates include a lot of features that are rich in everything and addons, which you can use for you up coming bootstrap based projects. The best thing is that all of this is free and backlinks are not required but appreciated by the website if you do so.

These free templates here are suitable for businesses small or big, presentation of the product or for portfolios (personal). The templates have a very sticky navigation with smooth jumping to sections, have key features with colorful icons, company back story, feedback section and a blog section.

Quick tutorial


  • Some of great benefits include:
  • It’s 100% smartphone friendly and very responsive and can do great on almost all smart devices
  • Swipe and touch supporting
  • Just click and drag – no need to code anything
  • Smooth HTML5 and CSS3
  • Powered by Bootstrap 3 and jQuery
  • SEO optimized – Search engines know it well
  • Different orientation modes – Landscape and portrait
  • Layout is a boxed look with a 100% width
  • You can have multiple pages design
  • Supports Google Fonts
  • Parallax scrolling for you to change elements
  • Many cover styles
  • Fonts, button and background colours are unlimited
  • Alignments for headers (left, right, center)


It can be concluded that Mobirise will be best for very professional bootstrapped website with a range of available templates. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be a coder or a programmer to design your very own website with Mobirise. This platform is so easy to use that it’s just a drag and drop manner designing an anyone can easily have an idea of using it. Also, the templates available are free of any cost or royalty but backlinks are very much appreciated by the website.

It is highly suggested to use Mobirise to design your small business websites or designing your very blog. Have a taste of how easy it is to design a bootstrapped website just by a little drag and drop manner while nothing to pay for these awesome templates.
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