Boost Your Way To A Better Connectivity

Boost Your Way To A Better Connectivity
In this era of innovation with tech, there is solution for everything. From smart home automation systems to control your house with as little as saying commands to fully automated industries where the need of workers is lessened day by day to the fact of precise and achievable productivity.

We have come very far from where we were 10 years ago, this journey from 2G where it would take mins to upload few KBs of data to GBs uploaded in seconds at blazing speed of 5G, Hence evolving GSM to brand new level and giving way to technology to make way.

The Problem Of GSM Coverage

Speaking of GSM, wherever you might be in the world you are bound to the need of GSM Network coverage. Be that calling a someone over a cell phone or using the internet, browsing through an online website, Shorthand Messaging Service (SMS). All of these will require you to have a fair quality network coverage which mean you should have fair level of signals to use any of these facilities.

But no matter how good the area coverage maybe, there will always be some part of your house that doesn’t serve well for talking on mobile phones or using any other GSM based service like using the internet over a mobile network.

This is where the topic of this article jumps in, which is how can you manage this lack of coverage in your house, office, or any place you got the issue.

The Nikrans LCD-300GD Dual Band Amplifier

Let us present to you the Nikrans LCD-300GD dual band amplifier. A true 4g signal booster. It is used for improving weak GSM signals at two separate frequencies. This can provide you an efficient signal boosting in an area of less than or equal to 300m2. This dual band amplifier comes with two different indoor antennas I.e. a ceiling antenna and a whip antenna for serving efficiently.

Highlighting Specs

LCD-300GD is very effective and easy to use with the following features:
  1. LCD Display: It shows all the information as you go through it as it shows all the information you will need to install the system step by step with setup tips, hints and signal levels.
  2. Auto controlling Of Signal Levels: If the incoming signal is not enough the amplifier automatically adjusts the system gain. This also helps in avoiding any kind of interference in the signals.
  3. Sleep Mode: The booster will automatically go to sleep mode when you are not calling anyone, this means when there is no outgoing or incoming signal.
  4. Compact and Light weight: The sleek and elegantly design will fit in perfectly and will not take much space.
  5. The Lightening Surge Protector: It also comes with a free lightening surge protector for people living in areas with thunderstorms as usual. The Lightening surge protector is used for protection against a lightening strike to the outdoor antenna, it has a proper grounding wire which is installed in line between the external antenna and the indoor amplifier. This is a must for people living in areas with very frequent/ violent thunderstorms.


Installing process is no rocket science and is very simple and a quick one. You can easily understand and install the system in 15-20 mins and not even need any engineering/ telecom knowledge for it. After installation, the signal will get amplified with in 5 seconds of switching it on and you can use the network providers service un interruptive.

Health Is Wealth Is What LCD-300GD believes In

Now, you might be thinking that this piece of tech must have some influence to health, as we all know how dangerous can our phones be in radiation perspective. Well, good news, this does not have any. When our mobile phones much more radiation when searching for a strong signal from the base station. On the contrary this dual band amplifier reduces that radiation.

This dual band amplifier LCD-300GD can boost almost all frequencies provided by different mobile operators across European Union and around the world.

We have a very professional team of experts as our support team to answer your questions whenever you need it.

Where To Buy This?

Where to get this? Well, to get this and to choose among hundreds of other amplifier options with different ranges, categories and use you can log on to and find amazing options available for every customer. Our Website has solutions for your Wi-Fi, 4G internet, and now adays even for 5G internet coverage. We have cellphone boosters for Cars and even boats because when travelling you can’t risk of not being connected. We also have customized solutions for your organizations, corporate large buildings, schools, universities etc etc. and the list goes on an on to the endless possibilities we offer. The idea is simple, to boost any signal that you feel is necessary or important.

Our mission is to provide a clear voice call to every person around the world as it should be basic to have a clear coverage zone in your vicinity to focus on other important stuff like your family and friends.
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