Every Do And Don’ts Of Article Writing

Every Do And Don’ts Of Article Writing
Every article needs to be formatted in a way that feels agreeable to a reader’s eyes & captures his curiosity. When it comes to writing your web content, there are a lot of things which plays an active part here.

While there is absolute creativity that you can use online, in the world of web, you need to draw some margin before you draft a content that can take the attention of your readers. These are the things that you should never do and make sure that you stay away from them.

By understanding all the do’s and don'ts of article writing, you will produce a more creative line of work for yourself. It will be easier for you and this way, and you can make sure that you move towards the best. There are article submission sites which can help you to deal with the best that you want. Make sure that you submit your best-written articles there and generate the loyal base of readers.

What Are The Do’s You Need In Article Writing?

Here is the list of do's you need to turn in your article writing right now.

1. Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorm all the ideas that you have. You need to put out your style and be creative in that. No one wants stuff on the internet, which will be boring. This is the prime reason why you need to brainstorm all your ideas and make sure that you are putting your creativity quotient in it. If you put the creative thoughts in your plans, then people will read what you produce to them.

2. Research

Research the magazines and the pre-existing articles which are online. If you research well enough, then your idea will be out there in front of the public. If you know how your competitors are marketing their campaign and how they are putting out their brand name to the public, you will have a sense of work and add that to your style.

3. Headlines Are Everything

Focus on the headline of your article. Do you know how much a headline can and will matter to your article? On an average basis, a report on the internet is clicked if they have a good and catchy headline. Your item needs to have a good headline in order to draw in the attention of your readers. The better your headlines are, the better the chances of your item getting to be featured will be increased.

4. Write SEO Friendly Articles

SEO is the primary key here. How can you forget the primal part of article writing? If you don't have the SEO generated for your article, then it will never rank in the top Google analytics. It is extremely important that you incorporate Meta title, Meta tag, keywords, use of keyword density, etc. in your article to make sure that it gets featured online and comes into the Google analytics.

5. Content Is King

The last thing here is to make your piece catchy. If you don't have a memorable or unique content, then readers will never pay attention to it. It will be shifted to the next best blog with the same topic. So always take care of the piece of information that you are providing to your readers.
Every Do And Don’ts Of Article Writing

Don’ts Of Article Writing

Here are the main don’ts of article writing you need to follow right now.

1. Don’t Exaggerate On Problems Offer Solution

Never focus on your weakness. Article writing is all about the idea being conveyed to the audience, so if you get carried away by your fault, then it is a wrong shot from your side. You have to focus on your parts which are strong enough so that you can strengthen your points and whatever you want to have. The audience has realized the problem that’s the whole reason they came across your article to find the solution but you fixated upon the problem does no good.

2. Do Not Deviate From Your Audience

James Clear has his blog jamesclear.com his blog is about productivity, psychology & growth hack & so is his audience, attracting your tribe that’s easy retaining them that’s tough; the last thing you would want to do is deviate them with irrelevant content, always write articles keeping the audience in mind.

The goal of the article is to help the audience with their problem or relate with the problems they are already having.

3. Bad Titles Aren’t Acceptable

Learn the art and science of titles & headlines, the titles provokes people to read your articles if you haven’t worked hard enough of titles then everything else goes to vain, even when people search for information on Google, it is your article titles that appear in search results which then determines the potential CTR. Or even when you share content on social, it is again titles which appears in post thumbnail which is a key determinant of click throughs.

The job of titles doesn’t end there, it goes so far as to within the content as well. Your titles & headlines found within the content urges readers to finish reading your article.

4. Don’t Write Long Paragraphs

This one is obvious yet a lot of people make the silly mistake of writing lengthy paragraphs that appear monotonous in nature and repels people from reading the articles that may have potential to become viral.

Even search engines favors content that is readable by users, short paragraphs helps with readability, breaks the monotony & ensure that people do read your articles.

5. Stay Away From Plagiarism At All Costs

This one’s a no brainer, if you want to become an elite content writer then plagiarism is the last thing on your mind, even if you are adding quotes it’s important that you reference the source of quote. The source calling you out as a cheat is the last thing you would want.

These are the basic dos and don'ts of article writing you need to follow right now. If your article is not getting enough exposure, then maybe these tips will help.

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