5 Ways Content Will Protect Your Website From Google Algorithm Updates

Protect Your Website From Google Algorithm Updates
Google changes and improves its search algorithms on a daily basis and it is your responsibility as a website owner to keep up with these changes in order to maintain your rankings in search engines. In June 2019 Google released the broad core algorithm update and this had a major impact on numerous websites and it focused mainly on the relevancy of their content. As a result, websites that provided relevant content regularly witnessed a traffic increase, while those with poor content and numerous affiliate links witnessed a major traffic decline.

If you are not happy with your search engine ranking and you would like to protect your website from Google algorithm update you should focus on providing quality content. Content influences the way websites are displayed in SERPs. According to Web Presence Solutions, the quality and value of the content you display will influence whether your visitors stay on your website or decides to leave. In fewer words, you need high-quality content to keep up with Google’s algorithm updates and to avoid being affected by them.

Add Value To Your Website Through Content

If you are wondering why is content so important for your website, you should know that content is the one that determines the success or the failure of your website. It is in your best interest to invest in fresh, relevant content and to provide your visitors with useful information about who you are and what you have to offer as a business. With the help of professional content, you can make visitors stay on your page and transform them into loyal customers and after all, this is the goal of every business owner, isn’t it?

Having quality content is a must to ensure your website is and stays visible in search rankings. According to Web Presence Solutions, in the digital environment, the content you deliver is a mixture of the written, graphical, video and audio information that you present on your website.

We should emphasize the fact that quality content will not go unnoticed for it provides various advantages that you should not ignore:
  • It provides value for visitors: It engages them and makes them want to read about your products or services. Those who succeed to deliver relevant content will drive more traffic to their website, grow conversions and sales and increase engagement of their visitors
  • It generates more sales: It is important to build trust as a business, to show your visitors who you really are and you can do that via the content you display on your website.
  • It has a longer life span: Quality content resists the test of time and it remains useful for months and even years. Provided it is clearly written, it is interesting, is updated regularly and it complies with Seo best practices your content will generate long-term traffic.
  • It has a greater Seo value: SEO continues to evolve and high-quality content will protect you from google algo update and it will help you consolidate your presence in the online environment. Original content will increase website visibility and visitor traffic and its importance should not be ignored.
  • It enhances usability: Are you happy with your website’s performance and success? If not, you should make sure you provide useful, relevant content that delivers an enjoyable user experience.

When you provide original content, you build trust and authority with your target audience and you protect your website from google serp update. The fact of the matter is that there is no quick fix for a website that was affected by Google algorithm update. What you can do is to protect your website from these updates and to improve your website on a regular basis so that you provide relevant content and you deliver an enjoyable overall user experience. All the improvements you do will have an impact on your website’s rankings. According to Hubspot blog, Google is not penalizing low-quality pages but it is rewarding websites that focus on meeting the user’s query.

The good news is that you can protect your website from google algo update and the most efficient way to do that is to have relevant and original content displayed on your website regularly. To do so it is important to understand what your buyers expect from you, to address their pain points and solutions. Also, it is a good idea to invest in local seo services that will help you become visible and consolidate your presence in the online environment. According to intechnic, good content sets you apart from the masses, it helps you differentiate yourselves from others with similar products or services. Content is what wins the heart and the money of your customers and for this reason, it should be your top priority to invest in great content for your website.

Keep The Website Stable And Secure In Front Of A Google Broad Core Update

Are you afraid that your website’s ranking will be affected every time Google creates a new algorithm update? Would you like to avoid a negative impact caused by the google latest algorithm update? You can do that by creating high-quality content. The good news is that you can hire professionals to do this for you. Experienced writers know how to capture the attention of your customers and they have the skills to create interesting content for your target audience. It is a good idea to replace the content you post on your website regularly. Professionally written content will make a huge difference for your website and you should not ignore its importance.

Content that is updated frequently will not be ignored by search engines and adding fresh content every day will make a difference as far as the success of your website is concerned. If you lack the time or the experience to create content for your website you should not worry because there are skilled writers that can do this for you at a reasonable cost. Their services are affordable and efficient and they are definitely worth the investment.

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