Top 10 Android And iOS Apps For Instagram Stories

Android And iOS Apps For Instagram Stories
Brands on Instagram are frequently complaining that they are not getting so many views on their stories now. Actually, the only reason is that they don’t know the tactics and techniques to post Instagram stories. So we have researched and listed the top 10 applications which are really reliable and efficient for the Instagram story.

1. Unfold

Unfold is the top-rated application for the Instagram stories. It will provide you ready-made Instagram stories or you can create your own story that includes the images and videos. It has the monthly 3 million users that’s why you can call it the most famous app for Instagram Story post. This application is available for the android and IOs mobiles. You can use with the app purchase or with the membership. If you are the Netflix user then you can access otherwise you need to pay $19.99 per year

2. Hype Type

Hype Type is basically used for the text typing on the Instagram stories in an animated way. You can add the text on the images and videos. It offers you plenty of colors and fonts for changing the style of the text. It will create the short animated clip which looks eye-catchy. This application is just available on iOS. You can use this application for free but in the free version, the watermark will attach with the post. For purchasing the application you need to pay $19.99 per annum.

3. Over

The Over application is one of the favorite application for Instagram stories. This app provides you lots of templates. The application is mostly used for creating images for the Instagram stories and this application is available on IOS and android. It has the free version which is enough for the Instagram stories but if you don’t want the watermark in the Instagram story then you can buy the premium version is $99.9 per year which is actually costly as compared to other Instagram story tools.

4. Stories Edit

The Stories Edit is the Instagram story schedule app as well you can edit the Instagram stories in it. If you are working on the fashion or beauty niche then this application is perfect for your brand. This app is very simple to use and editing tools are shapes, background color and adding text. After editing the image or video you can directly save the post in the camera roll or planned for scheduling. Both android and iOS users can use this application for free of cost.

5. LifeLapse

LifeLapse is considering the best app for the stop motioning. It has the preset Instagram story size so you don’t need to set the size for the post. It offers the following dimensions 9*16, 1*1, 4*5, 5*4, 10*16, 16*9. It has a special type of timer that will help you take multiple images at a time. The price of this application $35.99 per year which is affordable in premium version you can make the 4K videos with no watermark.

6. InShot

InShot is the best ever and oldest application for the Instagram stories. As like the TimeLapse, it has the default Instagram story size so you just need to create the post. It provides you lots of filters, stickers, text styles, and emojis. For gaining more views on the story, you have two solutions, the first one is to buy Instagram story views fast or you can use the applications. InShot is available for both iOS and Android. We suggest using its free version in the start. The price of this editor is $19.49 per year.

7. Jumprope

Jump Rope is the best application for the Instagram Story in the means of creating how-to videos. With the help of you can create attractive and awesome tutorial sharing videos. This application is just available on the iOS mobile and the good thing this application is totally free and that's why we have added this application in the list. You can create a lot of videos like recipe videos, you can share the skills and so on. You can also add in the community of the jump rope.

8. Panoram Stories App

If you live the Panoramic images then you will love this application. This application is especially design for the panoramic images. You can create lots of panoramic Instagram stories for your Instagram story post. As like the Jump Rope, this application is just available on the iOS and this application is totally free for the user. You just need to choose the image, then choose the format and for cut-outs on the image choose the number from 2 to 5. You can also create stories for other social media apps like Facebook.

9. Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is the product of Adobe Inc. If you never use the adobe photoshop before then it does not mean you can't use this application. Anybody can use this application even if he or she doesn't know anything about the editing. It is available on the Android and iOS and it is costly application $144.99 per year.

10. Clipomatic

There are few applications on the internet those are focusing on the captions and clipomatic is one of them. There is artificial intelligence in this application that has the ability to write the captions automatically according to the image or video, if you like the caption then it's good otherwise you can edit according to your need. The clipomatic is available for iOS and in $4.99 for a lifetime.
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