How to Track your Smart Phone

How to Track your Smart Phone
Do you want to track your smartphone? Either by using smartphone tracking software (Download now from or by using helpful tips? If this is true, then you’re on the right place. In this article, we are going to discover a few demandable tips to track out your smartphone, both for Android and IOS respectively.

How to Track your Smart Phone

This is the era of digitalization, our lives are empty without it. The most focused technology changing day by day into new inventions and getting more and more compact while getting equally expensive too are the smartphones.

And as we speak of these digital trends and their pricings, the main question that arises is of there security. It is said that if your device has been missing from your possession it is most likely to be misused somewhere, and these devices having your Credit/Debit Cards, details of your social media platforms and other personal stuff can be very dangerous in the wrong hands.

The First Idea that comes to our mind when we have misplaced or lost our smartphone is how we can track it up. Well keep going on in this article and you’ll have some fruitful answers and tips to secure your device. First of all, let us categorize them into top main platforms i.e. Android and the iOS run by Google and Apple respectively.

First Let’s Talk Android:

There are many ways to track your Smartphone. Many apps are being introduced day by day in the Google Play Android Apps Market. But what most people don’t know that not all of them are track worthy. You should always go for the trusted app developers and should always see what you are allowing the developers to see and access on your phone.

Tracking With Google Play App:

Google has given the ease of tracking your smartphone with the Google Play Store App. In most phones now the “Find my Device” app comes installed in and that you can easily ring, wipe and erase data or perform a location tracking on your phone via google maps. If not installed then you can easily install it from the Google app store and perform a series of locating your phone.

Go to and sign in to your Google Account. On the off chance that you have more than one gadget, click the lost gadget at the highest point of the screen. ...

The lost gadget gets a notice.

On the map, you'll get information about where the gadget is. ...

Pick what you need to do.

Now Let’s Talk iOS:

Apple apps Market also provide many apps for tracking your phone but the Apple itself to provides a service to track your phone. The app is called “Find my iPhone” and is a very effective application. You just need to enable it in settings.

If Find my iPhone is enabled on your phone then you can track it down using your iCloud I.D. by logging on to any computer or another phone.

In the event that Find My iPhone is operational on your missing iPhone:

You can utilize the Find My application to discover your gadget, take extra actions to enable you to recuperate it, and protect your data.

Sign in to on the web or utilize the Find My application on another Apple gadget.

Discover your gadget. Open the Find My application or go to and snap Find iPhone. Select a gadget to see its area on a guide. In the event that the gadget is close by, you can have it play a sound to support you or somebody close by discovering it.

Mark As Lost. This will remotely bolt your gadget with a password and you can show a custom message with your telephone number on your missing gadget's Lock screen. It will likewise monitor your gadget's area. On the off chance that you included credit, charge, or prepaid cards to Apple Pay, the capacity to make installments utilizing Apple Pay on the gadget is suspended when you put your gadget in Lost Mode.

Report your lost or taken the gadget to neighborhood law requirement. Law authorization may demand the sequential number of your gadget. Discover your gadget sequential number.

Erase your gadget. To avoid any other person from getting to the information on your missing gadget, you can delete it remotely. When you eradicate your gadget, the majority of your data (counting credit, charge, or prepaid cards for Apple Pay) is erased from the gadget, and you won't have the option to discover it utilizing the Find My application or Find iPhone on After you delete a gadget, you can't follow it. On the off chance that you expel the gadget from your record after you eradicate it, Activation Lock will be killed. This enables someone else to turn on and utilize your gadget.

The Spywares:

Not only do you want to track you smartphone of its location but you also will want to keep a track on how it is used by you or the apps that are installed in it. This calls for the installation of Spywares on your phone. Many Spywares are available online with many products, but the best ones don’t come free that’s for sure. So, you have to be picky about the spywares as they can also, harm your privacy if the companies are not very well on its encryptions.
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