5 Best Applications For Android

5 Best Applications For Android
The apps serve as the heart and soul of an android handset. So, your android smartphone overloaded with number of apps, provides you the most enjoyable experience thus, making your phone your best friend.

But searching for the best android apps is a daunting didn't, indeed. It is difficult but not impossible to get your phone feature the best apps. Herein, we present a list of the best top five sporting apps which would make your smartphone the most smartest...

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1. Tubemate

Well! This app is something which you won't find over the PlayStore but if you are all set to hunt for it over the internet then, you are benefitting yourself a great deal. Making the use of this app, you are allowed to download all your desirable YouTube videos to your handset in all most all available formats and resolutions - even the 1080p one. All the videos that are downloaded by you will get automatically saved to the video section in your gallery, and you be able to watch it anytime anywhere and even stream it to the Chromecast.

2. Ask Me Anything

This app is brought to us by Reddit AMA. This is considered to be a unique and surprising low-key app but if you are curious about celebrities then, this must be amongst the most desirable apps for you. This app enables you to read all the latest celebrity AMA interviews, and you can also send over all the questions which you would like to ask those celebrities but many people are unfamiliar with this app. This app also enables you to vote on the questions written by other users thereby, helping them decide whether those questions should be asked to the famous people of film, sport, science, and more, or not.

3. Google Drive

In today's era, cloud storage is getting common thereby, coming out of its mystical apparel. This undisputed champion amongst all the apps featuring cloud storage is preferred because it can be used in almost all Androids and gains popularity by granting some extra memory space for free which is always synchronised with the handy Google Docs office suite. Though, it is always preferable by the userbase to use the online download due to the storage in the hard-drive.

4. Drupe

Well! There are many interesting competitors in the race of being 'Best messaging app' over Android like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and others - but Drupe is the best amongst all these messaging apps. If you are unfamiliar with it then you are at fault. Drupe is interesting and preferable because it offers you to explore your complete contacts list, thus, enabling you to contact people using any of the most popular messaging services -be it, WhatsApp, SMS, Skype, Viber and others. So this app becomes the most desirable.

5. Pocket

Just imagine if you lack a Wi-Fi or data connection, then, you wonder of a offline reader app which enables you to save the text and images for reading and viewing them afterward. This app does not allows just enjoyment but has many applications further, after all, it disables you to use bookmarking or sharing link feature and later on managing the hectic list of bookmarks thereby, managing to save your time.

Here in, we presented the best five apps of the android which would make your phone the smartest among all thereby, providing you the most enjoyable experience with your best friend- your phone.

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