3 Best Third-Party Uninstallers For Windows (2016 list)

3 Best Third-Party Uninstallers For Windows
Windows operating system already has a built-in uninstaller through which you can uninstall anything else which is installed in your PC. But sometimes, built-in uninstaller doesn’t work proper. It doesn’t uninstall a program completely. That’s why sometimes when you uninstall any program or game, but even after the uninstallation files and folders remain there in operating system. Actually, built-in uninstaller has basic features that are not enough to remove heavy programs and games completely.

Suppose, if ever built-in uninstaller removes a program though then keep in mind, it never profoundly removes all saved files of uninstalling program or application. So, in this situation, you need to get third party uninstaller that can do this work easily.

Basically, third party uninstallers have a strong ability to remove any program completely. They can remove all backup saved files and folders that normally remain present in operating system. So, if you wanna remove any application or program then try my recommended below third party uninstallers that are trusted and free from any type of malware.

1. Revo Uninstaller

3 Best Third-Party Uninstallers For Windows
Revo Uninstaller is one of the most popular third-party uninstaller. It scans and removes deeply all your unwanted program shortcuts, registry keys, empty files and folders and all that you want to uninstall. It is the most powerful and faster alternative of built-in windows uninstaller. As I said above, all uninstallers have their own features and benefits. Similarly, Revo Uninstaller has own features. Highlighted feature among all is that it can monitor all the changes made by an app during the installation process in real time to effectively remove it when necessary. Second, is Hunter Mode. When you'll enable Hunter Mode then in a single click your all unwanted programs will be uninstalled quickly.

Pro version is also available with more extra features. For pro version, you don't need to install it separately. If you have already a normal Revo version then you can upgrade to pro version without any download and installation. Some of the best features of pro version are mentioned below:

  • You can remove or uninstall any program easily.
  • It can be uninstalled also stubborn programs.
  • Pro version also removes leftover data after normal uninstall.
  • It never gives any update problem.
  • Pro version also provides you tips that what changes program make on your computer during its installation.
  • You will feel comfortable after using it.

2. ZSoft Uninstaller

3 Best Third-Party Uninstallers For Windows
If you are not satisfied from Revo uninstaller then try ZSoft uninstaller. It is another best and reliable third-party uninstaller. You can uninstall all those unwanted programs who couldn't be uninstalled from built-in uninstaller. It can detect or find unwanted program, empty folders, temporary files etc easily and can uninstall too. Like Revo, it also monitors applications for all the changes they make during the installation process to effectively uninstall them in the future, but you need to alert manually while you are installing an application. It never gives you alert notification automatically. Highlighted features of ZSoft are:

  • It can cleanup in the programs starting on your computer at startup.
  • It automatically finds entries from programs that are most likely already uninstalled.
  • You can also search with ZSoft for leftovers after uninstalling any program.
  • It shows you more information than available though add or remove.
  • It provides also search bar for the list of installed softwares in your device.

3. Comodo Programs Manager

3 Best Third-Party Uninstallers For Windows
CPM (Comodo Programs Manager) is also best. It helps to remove or uninstall programs, empty folders, temporary files etc like other. Additional feature is that you can remove or uninstall also drivers, windows updates etc. It creates a backup of the files, folders, data and registry entries when a program is uninstalled. From this feature, you can restore your program again when you need. On-access scanner of it alerts you if a setup file contains a virus, worm etc. With lots of features, I would like to discuss also a main disadvantages of it. It doesn't uninstall more than one program at same time. You must have to uninstall or remove only one program at a time. This downside of CPM, gives rank down, otherwise its features are awesome. Few of the highlighted features are:

  • It provides better real-time for better speed.
  • It allows you to easily manage programs, drivers and Windows features.
  • You can download it for 30 days trial.
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