How To Use Internet Browser As A Notepad

How To Use Internet Browser As A Notepad
Web Browser basically use to access the internet. We use it for browsing websites and for login social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. In short, Web browser is one and only way through which you can connect yourself with the world, I mean internet. When the journey of internet started at the fall of 20th century, then Mosaic web browser was introduced as the world first internet browser. But due to the some bugs and issues, it was banned in 1999.

After the prescription of the Mosaic, there was no any browser to play its role. But when the 21st century started with great and revolutionary hopes then many different browsers introduced. In which, Internet Explorer is a highlighted web browser. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera etc also introduced as well. And today all these browsers are playing an important role in the world of Computer Technology.

As I said above, People use web browser to surf the internet. But as the world of Information Technology is progressing, new and interesting stuff are also introducing. Now lots of interesting things have been introduced in all latest browsers. In which, one of them is a Notepad feature. Yes! all updating browsers are providing now a best opportunity to use them as a Notepad. Everyone can use their browser as a notepad with additional coloring and designing features. So, if you're interested to use your browser as a notepad then follow below steps perfectly. Here's how you can use your web browser as a notepad.

Note: This feature is only for those browsers which support to the HTML5 language.
or This trick is for all modern updates browsers.

So, if you have any old version of internet browser then update first and then try this trick. Otherwise, no need to update. Just follow the steps.

How To Use Internet Browser As A Notepad?

First open your internet browser and use it as a New Tab. I hope, here everyone knows about the New Tab.

How To Use Internet Browser As A Notepad
1Once you've opened, then paste below code in the URL section.
data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

How To Use Internet Browser As A Notepad
1After that simply press Enter. When you'll press Enter then automatically a page will be appeared. That will a Notepad page where you can type or write any thing else according to your wish.

How To Use Internet Browser As A Notepad


So, this is the best way only, from which you can use your browser as a Notepad. Actually, the trick is very useful. Almost, every internet user try and should use it. Well! if you think its helpful for you and other users then share it with others. Also Share your views about it via comment below.
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