Top 3 Best Screen Capturing Add-ons For Firefox (2016 list)

3 Best Screen Capturing Add-ons For Firefox
Whenever we need to take a shot on Firefox urgently then we normally use print screen button or any third-party software. Using software and print screen button are not essential to do that. As we know, Firefox is the most second popular web browser. So definitely, lots of extensions are available for it. In which, some screen capturing add-ons are really helpful. After using them, you would never need to use any third party screen recorder or print screen button to take a shot and you can do this work very quickly too.

Below are some recommended screen capturing add-ons that I shared after testing. Believe me you will feel comfortable and easy, when you’ll use them to take a screen shot in Firefox. Try them and give your views about it via comment below.

1. Lightshot

3 Best Screen Capturing Add-ons For Firefox
Lightshot is the most popular tool because of it's features and simplicity. It provides you some great additional features. If you ever need to take a shot then just open it and capture your screen. You can drag and capture selected area with lightshot. When you would drag and select area for capture then a built-in editing tool will be appeared, from which you can edit your image. By using built-in tool, you can add text, can add colour and also can upload your image directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. You can also print out and can save your image as png, jpeg or bmp format.

2. Nimbus Screen Capture

3 Best Screen Capturing Add-ons For Firefox
Nimbus Screen Capture is an extended add-on and favourite from users. Lots for people are using this and getting benefit from it. As lightshot, Nimbus Screen Capture is another best screen capturer that have built-in editing tool. It's built-in tool provides more features than lightshot. You can select your also area and capture as your wish. Once you have captured your image then drop onto built-in editing tool for edit your image. Editing tool has basic and simple settings. You can save your image into .jpeg or .png format.Shapes, lines, arrows, text, and notes with configurations included with Drawing tools as well.

Once you have finished after capturing and editing then you can save your image also to Nimbus if you have an account or create one right within the tool. You can also save it to a local folder, send it to Google Drive, copy it to the clipboard, or print the image. So, if you wanna get some professional like screen capturer then Nimbus must be your best choice.

3. Awesome Screenshot Plus

3 Best Screen Capturing Add-ons For Firefox
Awesome Screenshot Plus is very similar to Lightshot and Nimbus Screen Capture. It provides capturing and editing features as like other. But it's popular and known because of its reliability. You can capture your selected area with it. Once the picture has been captured then a simple editing tool will be opened. By using this, you can crop, draw shapes, arrows, and lines, use the blur tool and add text. Once you have done after editing then you can save your image online temporarily or with You can also save the image into your computer with png or jpg formats. So this is also one another tool that will be helpful for you. If you have already this then update your tool now. New and advanced features will be updated too.
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