What Could Be The Advantages Of Using WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender?

WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender
WhatsApp Business is fast becoming the most preferred app for many business enterprises. With more than 1.5 billion users of WhatsApp existing around the world, the app is an efficient way to connect with the local and global audience alike.

Many companies provide the WhatsApp API integration services to enable enterprises to gain early access to the app. The API platform provided by the company can be used to connect across more than 30 communication channels.

WhatsApp bulk message sender enables enterprises to send messages to customers in bulk with a single click. Sending unlimited messages, using multi-media messages, scheduling the campaigns, removing duplicate messages, filtering numbers, etc. are a part of the bulk message sender software.

Business enterprises can purchase the bulk message packages depending on the number of messages they send to their customers. Some companies offer packages with a validity period while some companies offer packages with unlimited validity. The choice of a package will depend on the volume of the enterprise and the purpose of selecting the bulk message software.

Companies offer free or discounted trails for a day or two so that an enterprise can get an idea of how the software works. Once enterprises are satisfied with the process, they can opt for extended or large packages.

Take a look at the benefits of using WhatsApp as a major communication tool to interact with users across the globe.

Send Notifications

  • Send timely notifications about order bookings, confirmations, shipping, delivery, rejections, cancellations, etc.
  • Alert users about the payment due dates and service schedules by sending them reminders.
  • Notification messages can be called as informational messages because they inform the users about their orders and other details.
  • Informational messages are sent using pre-approved templates with standard code.
  • The structure and text of the messages cannot be changed. But, each template has parameters that can be changed. For example, the name, date, order id, complaint id, etc.
  • By using the WhatsApp bulk message sender package, the details from the database are connected to the platform to enable enterprises to send personalized messages to customers in bulk.

Help In Product Discovery

  • Help customers find the right product by sending them the related information about the products and services they show interest in.
  • Include text, high-quality images, videos, audio files, documents (brochures, catalogues, etc.) for users to get a clear idea about the product.
  • Include a link to the purchasing website or allow customers to order the product from within the chatbox.
  • This will help turn more conversations into transactions and increase sales.
  • The easy purchasing process will encourage customers to buy more from the business. This will bring about an increase in customer retention.

Customer Support

  • Provide round the clock customer support by using chatbots.
  • The bots can send instant automated replies to users in the form of welcome messages, greetings, standard answers to generic questions, and FAQs.
  • The support staff can respond to customer complaints effectively by troubleshooting the issue faster.
  • Using the bots, the support staff can not only identify the root cause of the issue but also keep the conversation alive until the issue is closed successfully.
  • A final message is sent to users indicating the closure of their complaint. This message is again a pre-approved template.
  • Customers can reply to the message and ask for more details if they do not feel satisfied.
  • WhatsApp allows two-way communication at all times, thereby enabling customers and enterprises to stay in touch with each other.

Affordable And Efficient

  • The bulk message package is affordable and an efficient way to plan and integrate the marketing tools with WhatsApp.
  • With more users preferring WhatsApp over voice calls or emails to interact with businesses, opting for the WhatsApp API integration will prove to be beneficial for the enterprises.

Instant Delivery Of Messages

  • The companies ensure system redundancy and guarantee 99.9% uptime.
  • The reliable cloud platform is managed at all times.
  • The message traffic is monitored and the load is balanced based on the geographical locations of the users to ensure that no messages are lost in the process of being delivered.
  • The delivery reports are updated on the dashboard along with the number of messages sent and received.

4*7 Technical Support

  • The companies are available to assist the enterprises 24*7 and monitor the performance of the platform.
  • Data encryption, role-based access control, vulnerability testing, and data security are provided in compliance with the enterprise-grade standard policies and regulations.
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