6 Best Ways To Charge Your Smartphone

Best Ways To Charge Your Smartphone
Humans have the nature to find the easiest way of performing any work in the shortest time. For this, numerous inventions were made from many centuries which have simplified our lives in various ways. With the advent of technologies in a different field, things have become much easier. These have brought a drastic change in the industrial sector as well as in transport, health, electronics, information and communication, education and many other sectors. In the present day, we are encompassed with various electronic devices which we cannot think to live without. One such device is the smartphones which have become an integral part of our lives from the past decade.

The launch of smartphones has created a revolution by bringing everything in your palm. New smartphones in India and in the world come with a good quality camera with higher megapixels both rear and front which allows you to click and capture your beautiful moments or any picturesque sight. The big crystal clear screen with awesome resolution can make all your photos look outstanding. Many phones even have the exclusive technology which allows you to perform various tasks with your voice commands or in just a click. The specification of these smartphones and their unique features are perfect for the millennial.

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The new smartphones in India have many features which are irresistible to use. Our smartphones are loaded with numerous applications available in the online stores for various purposes. Nowadays we are so addicted to our smartphones that the constant use may easily drain the battery of the phones. The present-day smartphones manufacturers mostly use lithium-ion batteries which power up your phones. It is a challenge to keep your phone charged all the time due to the frequent use of these smartphones. There are common ways of charging your phone. But in many cases, it is seen that these options are unavailable especially in case of long-distance travel. With the advancement of technology other ways of recharging your phones are also available which can be practiced before completely exhausting your phone’s battery.

6 Best Ways To Charge Your Smartphone

1. Wall Socket

The first and the best way to charge your Smartphone is from a wall socket. This is the most conventional and effective way of recharging your phones. Just plug in your portable charger and keep your phone plugged in until it indicates that the battery has reached a sufficient level. It is preferable to keep your phone battery level within 45% to 75% most of the time for the longevity of the battery. Do not charge your phone to 100% most of the time as it may harm the battery. The high power USB adaptor is available in the market which will recharge your phones much faster.

2. USB Port

The second option can be to charge from a computer or a laptop. Get your phone connected with the USB port of your desktop or laptop which will help to leach the charge from these devices. These may take longer time than charging from USB adaptors.

3. Power Banks

The next and third option in this discussion can be the use of power banks. Power banks are easier and one of the best ways to recharge your phone while traveling. In such a scenario you get little or no chance to get connected with electric supply where you can recharge your smartphones. This fulfills your requirement of higher battery capacity. The power banks come with different mAh capacity. The more the mAh the higher will be the power backing ability. It may range from as low as 2000 mAh to 20100 mAh. In the case of traveling, choose a higher capacity power bank with lightweight which can prove to be the perfect one.

4. Wireless Adaptors

Fourthly, wireless adaptors are in vogue at present for the New Smartphones in India. It is hassle-free and is easy to carry. This allows you to use your device even when on the charge. Browsing and video calls can be made while the phone is put on these wireless chargers. This is becoming popular for its portability but it can be expensive.

5. Eco-Friendly Charging Options

The eco–friendly charging options can be the sixth-best way of charging your smartphones. These smart charging devices enable you to use renewable energy to keep your phones charged. The solar chargers can be a good option especially when you are camping under the sun. However, solar power has not yet been used as a mainstream power supplier. There are also chargers that run with wind power to supply energy which can be even pocket-friendly unlike the solar power charger.

6. Wireless Adaptors In Vehicles

The fifth way of recharging your phone can be through USB connector in your vehicles. All you need to buy an additional which may connect to the USB connector and plug in your phone to get it charged. These are preferable for long drives and are quite pocket-friendly those who already possess a vehicle.

Charging your phone must not be a problem which cannot be solved. It must not restrict you from traveling with limited or no power outlets. The right way of charging your batteries can increase your battery life for longer periods.

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