Our Mini Local SEO Guide

Our Mini Local SEO Guide
To understand the local SEO guide, you need to know the difference between the local and national SEO. Basically, local SEO is essential for small scale business or the business that operate only on the local level. National SEO, on the other hand, deals with a relatively large market. Hence, where national SEO is more focused on the ranking in searches on a larger level, local SEO is all about appearing in SERP's specific locations.

It is a great way to enhance a small scale or local business. This local SEO guide will help you to improve your business locally with the help of simple SEO techniques.

Creating and Optimizing Business Account Is Important

You need to create and claim your business account on “Google My Business” to get started. Not only will it show your presence online but you will also be on google maps.

Regular Reviews Are A Must

A survey of BrightLocal’s reveals that more than 80% of the customers believe in online reviews. Get you, customers, to write reviews for your business regularly. It is highly effective for optimizing your Google My Business account.

Don’t forget the Optimization Through Voice Searches

Voice search optimization is the next best thing in SEO. Its use is growing with every passing day. If you have to target the local market, optimize how people speak in your area when they ask questions about things relevant to your business.

Take Help From Local News/Events To Create Content

Since everything you are doing is targeted towards the local market; it’ll only make sense if you generate content based entirely on the local market. Covering local news and events in your content is a great option.

Optimize Your Website For A Variety Of Devices

It is very important for your business that your website is easily accessible for a variety of devices. Your user is not going to use his computer to open your website if he can’t see it on his mobile. He will switch to the website of the company that is easy to open. Therefore, facilitate your user because he is your potential customer.

Local Keywords Are The KEY

Understandably, you’ll be tempted to use keywords that are ranked against high DA websites. However, if you are running a local business and your only goal is to target the local market, it will not help you in this regard. Your keywords should be relevant to local customers.

Make Your "About Us" Page Location Specific

If your location page is not present on your website, it is going to create problems for the SEO optimization of your business. Create an “About Us” page with a local address in it.

High-Quality Back Links

Incorporating your content with high-quality backlinks is going to improve the rankings of your business. So, take the benefit of high DA websites and improve the rankings of your own.

Diversify Your Website

If you are offering more than one service, then create a separate page on your website and rank it separately. This practice gives excellent results for local SEO.

Try to follow these guidelines for local SEO and watch your business grow.

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