Are Phone Unlocking Websites Safe?

Are Phone Unlocking Websites Safe

Smartphones are man’s new best friend (sorry, Lassie). It’s incredible how fast this piece of technology is growing and becoming more and more innovative as the years go by.

As with any new tech built, there are other businesses that come up along with it.

Think smartphone cases, screen protectors, 3rd party apps - most notably are sites that can unlock your phone from your service provider. Again, as with any service, there are numerous options available which makes picking the right site a bit time-consuming.

So how do you know the site you’re using is safe? We can’t stress enough the importance of choosing a secure site that provides you with accurate and up to date information. It’s imperative to have that security and peace of mind when offering up information like the IMEI of your smartphone.

Among the nonsense and non secured sites, there’s always at least one gem that sticks out and gains your trust. Let’s dive into how to recognize worthy sites and how to find them.

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1. Phone Unlocking Websites

New smartphones are a dime a dozen. It seems as soon as you buy the latest model, a new one is already being advertised. The same goes for phone unlocking sites. There are too many to note, and as mentioned above, you have to be wary about the site you put your trust in.

When choosing a worthy looking site, be ready to read their About Page and do some research on real reviews from other customers. The site needs to have some sort of social proof that will give you a reason to feel comfortable sharing your information.

2. Website Reliability and Accreditation

Here are a few things to look out for when deeming if a phone unlocking site is secure or not:

1. Past Data

This falls in line with the social proof aspect mentioned above. If the site has none, it either means they are relatively new, or not trustworthy. To be safe, move on to another site. Do NOT give that site any of your personal information. The last thing you want to do is put yourself in a situation where your personal data is compromised. Sites you can trust tend to have this social proof and are confident in their services enough to give you an extra incentive.

2. Money-Back Guarantee

An incentive like this is a no-brainer. There’s no way you can lose. Either your phone is unlocked, or you get your money back. This is the sort of confidence and trust you want in a site that wants that personal information of yours. Unconditional promises are key. If the open code they serve you with doesn’t work, you simply ask for your money back and try again elsewhere. This shows they’re not after your money, but looking to provide a service that will work to your satisfaction.

3. Fast Delivery Effective Processing

Speed is everything in this day and age. We don’t want to wait outside of any reasonable timeframe for’s called immediate gratification. Also, if you’re promised a service or product will be delivered within a given timeframe, there is no way you’ll be patiently waiting after that time has passed. A site that delivers on it’s promise will gain our trust, while the others will fall to the wayside. Convenience is an important factor and one we always take into account when giving our customer feedback.

4. Customer Support

Are they willing to step up to the plate if you need their assistance? Nothing is more infuriating than running into an issue on a deserted site. If there’s no support, the risk factor jumps up about 100 notches. You want to make sure you can lean on them if you run into trouble, and the site that offers assistance is more likely to gain your trust. Home in on a provider that prides itself on quality support, just in case.

5. Clear Instructions

The term 'layman’s terms’ really comes into play here. There’s absolutely no need to complicate the instructions on how to unlock a smartphone. The site you choose will most probably be one that lays out steps in a way that’s easy to understand - to help streamline the process for you. Complex or expert jargon is just plain showing off with this type of service. If you notice complicated terminology or an overcomplication of the process, opt out of that site and look for a more dependable one.

6. Emergence Of Newcomers

Once again, immediate gratification comes into play. Say you just bought the latest iPhone and you’re uber excited. Looking for a site to unlock your phone may prove difficult. How long will you have to wait before these guys catch up? The site of your choosing should be regularly updated and up to speed. They’re on the ball and ready to provide you with service for any upcoming smartphone. These guys are paying attention. The above example from CellUnlocker unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a great one. If you visit their site, it’s almost guaranteed they have an unlock code for the latest smartphones. When a site is keeping up with trends, it shows they actually care and put in an effort to bring you the best service they can offer.

7. Pricing Strategic

It all comes down to supply and demand. There are about as many sites offering phone unlocking services as there are people searching for them. The hard part is finding one with all the points laid out in this post and then some. Once you do though, you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, especially after losing one set when you bought your phone in the first place. So yes, trust is a big factor, and when it feels like they’re taking your lunch money, that trust is no longer there. Look for a site that actually cares, and will offer phone unlocking services at a decent price. They’re out there, and there’s a great one in this post, be sure to check them out.
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