Dissecting 404: Things That Could Happen If Your Page Is Broken

Dissecting 404 Things That Could Happen if Your Page is Broken
One thing that all website owners dread the most is the Error 404 page. To give you a clear definition, the “404 Error” page is a response code from a server when a browser fails to open a site. These occurrences are common for websites that are either regularly making small changes or undergoing a large-scale redesign.

If your business requires you to continuously adjust and update your site, it’s likely that you’re encountering this problem more frequently than you’d like. Since your page’s URL structure is altered during updates, browsers may encounter roadblocks that may prevent users from accessing your site.

Google doesn’t expect you to be absolutely free from any 404s; however, you should make it a point to keep things under your control. Not all 404 pages can negatively affect your site’s performance, but you should know that one broken link can put all your hard work to waste.

You may have spent countless hours creating infographics, blogs, and other pieces of valuable content, but it won't matter if they aren’t able to reach your audience. If your visitors encounter these errors frequently, it may also have an adverse impact on your site in terms of user experience and search engine optimization value.

Your site must be able to address all the needs of your visitors instantly. This means that they can find anything they want on your site with a click and that no page is broken. However, you should also keep in mind that Google is designed to give its users the best possible results. The moment it finds that your site constantly has error pages, it’s likely that specific pages of your site will dip in rankings.

If you want to build brand loyalty and drive your business forward, you need to pave the way for a pleasant browsing experience. Read this guide to know more about 404s, how you can fix them, and what tools you can use to resolve them.
Dissecting 404 Things That Could Happen if Your Page is Broken
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