9 Ways To Bring Your Email Marketing Campaign Back To Life

Bring Your Email Marketing Campaign Back To Life
Email marketing is a highly efficient sales-generating strategy and has the potential of having a very high Return on Investment (RoI). It also has a high conversion rate, which helps generate more revenue for the business.

You may be feeling that your email marketing campaign has grown cold, probably because the content you produce doesn’t reach the audience like it used to before. Also, if the targeted audience in the email list you’re using isn’t engaging anymore, that could be discouraging.

What should you do when this happens? Here are 9 ways to supplement the SEO strategy 2020 by implementing an effective email marketing campaign for an overall great RoI for your digital campaign.

Personalization Is Key

Professionals that focus on developing digital marketing strategies know how important personalization is. It is the key to almost all digital marketing strategies because it helps the business reach the hearts of the targeted audience.

To reach the hearts of your audience, it is very important to use the data disposed to you with the intention of personalizing the content and offers you send.

For example, demographic information can come in very handy when choosing the offers you will send to each particular group of people. In the demographic scope that you’re targeting, there can be wealthy people and middle-class individuals. The offers you will make to them won’t be the same; the key is to ensure it is relevant.

Carefully Develop Subject Lines

The subject line is one of the most important parts of an email because it dictates whether or not they open it. A subject line that wasn’t well thought of will lead to a lower open rate and the content you created will be a waste of time. When gathering data for personalizing the content, you also get each person’s first name, which can be added in email subject lines.

Including the person’s first name on the subject line will improve the chances of getting the message across. The length of the subject line will also determine whether or not the email gets opened. It is important to note that you should aim for 3-5 words when coming up with the subject.

Segmented Automation

You can also segment customers according to where they are in the customer journey, their behavior, and interests, etc. You can segment customers into groups and that can be used to send the relevant content to the right inbox at the correct time.

For example, customers that have birthdays on a certain month can be segmented and sent the relevant offers for their birthday.

You can also segment them using past purchases and historical interaction with your site and historical purchases. That will also help you design the content needed for each stage of the customer journey and will decrease the cart abandonment rate.

You can accomplish that by also designing personalized content of customers that have abandoned their carts, reminding them of the cart and asking them why they left.

Creating Great Content

The content you create should also be up to standard and beat the expectations of customers. Don’t send bland content that simply outlines the offer you are making rather add some color and images to it. Make sure that the background color and that of the font don’t clash and make it unreadable.

Wendy Hendricks works as a freelance content creator for Essay Writers and resumes services, her latest work being EduBirdie reviews. She has worked for some of the best startups to create email funnels and marketing collateral. She focuses on ways that can ensure a high conversion from the emails.

She suggests that you should use email creation tools to make stunning email content that will appease the client or use professional writers. Visuals are equally important and you also need to know your way around words and use them effectively.

Ensure that it is doesn’t sound like too much of a sales pitch. Rather, help the clients see how the product or service will benefit them and its value.

Monitor The Behavior Of The Audience With Analytical Tools

You need to know if the email marketing strategy you have is working and is generating more revenue for you. There are various ways to do so, but one of the best methods is to determine whether the emails you sent work. Don’t try to measure that by the number of responses you got, rather use Google Analytics to determine where the majority of the traffic came from.

If emails underperformed and didn’t reach your goal, you should plan it again. You can also use more specific KPIs for email marketing that will help you see where you went wrong.

For example, there are some metrics used by email marketing analytical tools that help you find out the conversion, click-through, and open rate. That can help you see where you went wrong - if clients didn’t even open the email, the problem might be the subject you are using.

Use A/B Testing

What happens when both the ideas you have are brilliant and think they could possibly work? You can compare them to see which ones do best than the other and then you can use the more effective one. In that case, you can use A/B testing, which can help you experiment with the ideas you have and then determine which emails reach the hearts of the audience best.

In that way, you can come up with the best type of subject lines that will be more effective towards the audience you are trying to reach. From then, you can start developing similar subject lines and reach more customers.

Set The Perfect Time To Send Emails

Sometimes the efficacy of email marketing is dependent on the timing you choose to use. If you randomly send out emails at any time, it may be hard for you to reach potential clients. Instead, plan the time you will send the emails carefully to ensure that they reach the most people as possible.

Remember that if you send the email when the audience is busy, other emails could overtake them in the inbox and appear at the top. The same can happen while they are asleep, which makes it important to send emails when they are awake. The best time is usually when they wake up in the morning until they start their daily work.

Be Consistent

When you don’t immediately get the response you wanted, do not give up! Stay on it until it pays off. When the strategy you’re using needs to be revised, don’t be afraid to do so but the most important thing to do is to be consistent.

Don’t quickly rule out a potential client after 1 or 2 emails only, rather send follow-ups also to ensure that they aren’t interested. You can even ask the audience how frequently they would like to hear from you and then draft your schedule of sending out emails.

Ensure That The Writing Is Up To Par

When writing the email, ensure that it is professional but shows your personality. You can even include some storytelling to invoke the emotions of the audience. The more emotions you invoke, customers will easily connect with the brand you’re running.

Also, make sure that there are no grammatical errors that could taint the reputation of the business. Proofread it a couple of times and use a grammatical error checking tools like Grammarly or Hemingway.

The Bottom Line

Email marketing is a great method of creating more revenue, but it is important that it should be used wisely. Personalize the content you write to attract the customers with what they like the most and then set a schedule of sending the emails. Whatever happens, do not give up but be consistent until all your efforts pay off.

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