Blogging VS Vlogging: Which Is Best For You To Start?

Blogging VS Vlogging
Blogging vs. Vlogging is a significant conflict between the users of the internet, and the netizens have split up and have picked one out of the two as their favorite.

A Blog refers to a website that displays written stories and incidents, and a Vlog is a platform that uses video content to convey the event or story. So which one is better?
Blogging was one of the most desired platforms for presenting views by a writer but since the introduction of vlogging, the trend of blogging has taken a backseat because people are more inclined towards video content.

If you are stuck between blogging and vlogging and wondering which one should you start with on the internet this article might be able to help you find your answer.


What Is A VLog?

Vlog is the short form of the Video Log and offers video content. Vlogs are created for a business or personal purposes. Vlogging is similar to blogging but has a few differences. People who write blogs also like to do Vlogging, and most Vloggers have their blogs as well. The primary difference between the two is the presentation of the content. Vlogging is a blend of blogging and streaming and has gained a lot of popularity recently. The primary aim of a Vlog is to share experiences and ideas with the followers. Youtube has become one of the strongest methods to earn money and people are keen to start their own channels. Top Vloggers have attracted a lot of users on their channel and if you want to become one of the top vloggers on the internet you should have a few things in mind.

Camera Confidence: Being camera confident is a must thing to have when you are creating a Vlog. It is obvious that confidence comes naturally and with time and experience, you become more and more confident. If you look confident on camera people would be able to relate and connect with you more.

Get Good Microphones For Vlogging: Audio can add up the clarity to your video and a good microphone can enhance a video experience. With powerful audio, you would be able to make more impact on your vlogs and the audience would be engaged and connected to your content more. A good and professional microphone is a must for every Vlogger.

You can find the best microphones for Vlogging here.

What Is A Blog?

A blog is an online personal diary or journal of a person who likes to share his feelings and views with other people. Blogs are mostly used by businesses to promote their business, and they release articles to promote their business. A blog includes text, images, and sometimes also Gifs to present a particular story or view. The primary aim of a blog is to give an idea or thought that the readers would like to read.

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Why Are Vlogs Popular?

Videos are easy to create and can be the best way to present an idea or thought. Videos can be engaging, and they take a few seconds to convey the message of the content. Video content can be convincing enough to persuade them to buy a particular product. It can be an excellent marketing strategy and can boost the sales of a business. Many people love to watch blogs for travel, fashion, and beauty because they can be informative and also entertaining.

Vlogs are even live broadcasted, and it can be an exciting feeling to catch up with the live broadcast. You need a phone or a camera to start Vlogging, and the best part is that you can earn a living from it. It can be a great way to express your views and satisfy the thirst for sharing your ideas with the world.

Vlogging has become popular because more and more people are interested in catching up with video content as compared to written content. The video content is not complicated to create because there are so many video editing tools that can help you to create the content professionally. People love watching videos, and the success of a platform like Youtube is proof of that. Almost 70 million videos are watched on Youtube every minute, and people of all ages are glued to watching videos to kill their boredom.

Why Are Blogs Popular?

Nowadays, blogging has become mainstream, and the popularity isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. It’s an excellent way to have your voice heard because it benefits online and offline businesses both. If you are interested in creating a blog, it will genuinely be a cheap option, and you won’t have to invest much of your hard-earned money.

Blogs are easy to make and can expand opportunities for networking as well. Many prominent companies are earning money by getting a high level of traffic or boosting sales. Some businesses are advertising their services through blogs, and you even have the option to open up an online store. Starting a blog is easy as you should have an innovative idea in mind and a good internet connection. The tools and online platforms for blogging are user-friendly too.

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You need a lot of audiences to watch your Vlogs, or else you can’t earn money. You have to keep producing quality and engaging content to keep the viewers' interest intact. You also have an option to advertise your products and services through a YouTube channel.

Advertising On Blogs & Vlogs

Both blogs and Vlogs can help you earn money through advertisements; however, getting your clients for ads can be time-consuming at times. For a Vlog, you can create an Adsense account, which can help you make money quickly.

Brand Deals On Blogs & Vlogs

As the community on your YouTube grows, more viewers will get attracted to your channel. Your videos and website will be seen by people frequently, and they will know all about you. You can choose to sell your merchandise when they become popular once you wear something on your channel. There are advantages and disadvantages to both Vlogs and blogs, but it all depends on how you create different ideas for it.

Sponsorship On Blogs & Vlogs

When you like brands, they have the potential to become a great source of advertisements for your channel. You can directly contact them, and they may sponsor the content on YouTube often. You can earn the right amount of money through blogs when you write relevant content for people. As more audience gets attracted, the chances of earning money become high too. Affiliate marketing is considered to be a good option for those who don’t have their products to sell. They can link their products on a third party website, which can give an excellent promotion to them. The commission can be shared based on the number of clicks done on the links. The bloggers have an additional option to go for sponsored posts, which is another right way to earn money.


Blogging and Vlogging are a medium of communication and making money online. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and it is up to you to choose between both of them. The future looks bright for Vlogging because I don’t like to invest time in reading and prefer video content but this doesn't mean that blogs would disappear from the internet scene. People would still want to check out various platforms for finding information about things.

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