How To Start A Drone Photography Business

How To Start A Drone Photography Business
Nowadays, a huge number of peoples especially the young ones are going for a photography business. The drone has taken this business to the next level. Instead of a big and noisy helicopter or airplane that costs a lot of time and money, a drone of a comparatively little amount of money can create aerial photos and videos. Bird's-eye view is now very easy to get. However, drone photography is taking photos by self-governing UAV or one controlled by someone who manages it with a remote. It is used in various sectors such as landscape, sporting events, real estate, weddings, wildlife, film etc. Starting drone photography is not that easy but enough knowledge about drones, photography and the business altogether can make someone successful in it.

Steps On How To Start A Drone Photography Business

There are some basic things one should know before starting a drone photography business. One has to have the idea about the drone, photography as well as business. Here are some steps to start the business:

1. Knowing The Basics:

The first thing one should know about is the drone. For example, camera gimbals which help to keep the camera steady from the flight vibration. GPS is mandatory to know the drone’s location. FPV which stands for First Person View helps to broadcast live video to the user. Flight Controller is must control the drone and camera. Collision Avoidance is used to avoid crashing into something which can come on the way. These things are the basic ones.

2. Buying Right Equipment:

Buying the right drone and camera is very important. No one wants to buy something expensive at first and regret it. For example, a beginner drone photographer should not buy a heavy drone camera with too many features. At first, one should buy something light, cheap and easier to fly. As it takes practice to master photography, it is wiser to practice with something cheap. There are affordable drones like Ryze Tello, Potensic D85, Syma X8 Pro, Hasakee K5 Mini Nano Drone, etc. When one gets enough practice and experience he can buy than a high-tech drone to have amazing pictures. The best drones which are available on the market are DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Parrot Anafi, DJI Inspire 2, etc.

3. Learning To Fly:

If one wants to learn how to fly a drone he has to follow some rules. Reading the manual is the first thing to do. Then there is configuring the speed and operating settings, testing the camera settings. In addition, one should know how to use the common features like smartphone feed to see the capture, smart mode to stabilize the shots, tracking to capture things in every shot, geofence to restrict the height and distance of the drone.

4. Pre-flight Checklist:

One should be well prepared before flying the drone and to do that a pre-flight checklist is mandatory. The things one should include in the checklist are flying area, surroundings, weather conditions, battery life, drone settings, propellers, drone camera, controls.

5. License:

To fly a drone professional license is the first thing one needs to get. Most of the agencies who sell drones tend to deal with getting a license. They provide training and give license after testing the flyers.

6. Insurance:

As drones have more possibilities to face an accident, insurance is very important to avoid being in trouble. Moreover, drone with insurance gets more priority than the ones without it. It is wise to get insurance before starting the business than replacing an expensive drone after some accidents.

7. Law:

Different countries have different laws about the drone photography business. One should know the laws regarding where and how he can fly the drone and what type of pictures is allowed in that place. It is better to be aware of the laws than to give fines because of mistakes.

8. Genres:

Before entering the business one should select the genre wisely. There are different sectors like landscape, sporting events, real estate, weddings, wildlife, film, etc. Everyone is not proficient in all the sectors. So, choosing the right genre is very important for the business. You can get all types of drone photo editing services on www.rightclipping .com according to your genre. So check it out.

9. Portfolio:

Drone photography business requires a website with a profile and features photographs which will attract customer. Nowadays people look for everything online first. A good profile will help them to decide on buying pictures or hiring the photographer. The profile should be well informed and attractive.

10. Promoting On Social Media:

Now social media is the number one marketing platform for everything. So, a profile on social media will help the business growing really fast.

11. Competition:

The drone photography business is growing every day so the competition in this business is not that easy. Before starting the business one should study the competitors, pricing, packaging, editing and so on. One can study the current gap in the existing services so that he can fill the gap and get more customers. After studying everything one should start working on with the specialty he has rather than working on everything.

Some Tips

Finding a business monitor is very helpful in any kind of business. Before starting the business one should find a free business monitor and have a support network that is helpful in a tough time. Besides, buying the best equipment one can afford is mandatory to compete with the other competitors. One should have the technology and skills to provide high-quality products. Choosing a single niche is very important than jumping into all the sectors at a time. Also, post-production image editing is very vital for a drone photography business. The last advice is the better and faster delivery is always appreciated.


Money is the main focus of every business. So, besides the knowledge about photography and drone, one should have proper knowledge about business as well.

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