7 Smart Strategies To Grow Your Hotel Business

Smart Strategies To Grow Your Hotel Business
The competition in the hotel industry is now fiercer than ever before. It is a constant battle for hotels to outdo competitors and increase profits. The challenges increase when hotel owners are busy with managing routine operations. So how do you ensure that your potential customers find your hotel amidst the clutter, get excited about staying at your property, and make the booking without fail? These seven smart strategies can help.

1. User-Friendly Hotel Website

Your hotel website is one of the most crucial forms of communication. Hence, it should be managed with great care. Don’t overdo the visuals or the copy. The key is to make it user-friendly. The landing page is mostly where a majority of potential guests get converted into paying customers. Use a strong headline, great images, and a prominent CTA which is aligned with the interests of your guests. Publish guest testimonials, reviews, ratings, and awards. Create a special section of offers that is easily visible and accessible. Make your website adaptive to mobile.

2. AI-Driven Hotel Revenue Management System

Smart technology is a powerful option to boost your hotel business. An automated revenue management system for hotels is a great example. It uses AI to dynamically set room rates based on supply, demand, and competition. This fully automated system changes the rates in real-time based on occupancy, booking window, competitor pricing, seasonality, etc. This helps hotel owners save time, ensure consistency and maximize hotel sales.

3. Online Promotion

Invest in social media marketing. If your hotel can be easily searched online, it becomes easier for your guests to make bookings. Promote your property on every relevant online platform. Make the most of SEO by using frequently used search words in your website copy, post offers on Facebook and attractive pictures on Instagram. If your property is promoted with the right mix of online platforms, you can be assured of drawing more bookings.

4. Guest Feedback

Make it a practice to respond to the feedback of your guests. Whether it is an appreciation or a complaint, hotel management should always respond to the feedback with appropriate answers. Your guests are your biggest source of useful data with which you can improve your services and boost revenue.

5. Benefits Not Features

  • A majority of hotel websites have a bullet-point list of the features and services offered at the property. This list is of no interest to the customers. Today, people look for experiences, not features. Convert the hotel’s features and services into benefits. Explain in simple words about how your features translate into benefits for your guests. For instance:
  • Don’t write: We offer a state-of-the-art conference room, a luxury spa, and an exciting play area for kids.
  • Instead, write: You can unwind at our luxury spa, hold important meetings in our state-of-the-art conference room, and your kids enjoy our exciting play area.

The trick is to show how your guests can benefit from your facilities so that they can visualize themselves spending time on your property.

6. Remarketing

The abandonment rate of online hotel bookings is surprisingly high. It is estimated that three out of four people initiate the booking process but abandon it due to some distractions. The interruptions can range from a phone call, a delivery person at the door, or simply a suspicion that they might get a better offer elsewhere. Remarketing can help you cut down the abandonment rate of your hotel bookings online substantially. It is a powerful weapon because your potential customers have hundreds of other options, and it can stop them from getting distracted. You can track down the recent visitors on your site and with the help of engaging display ads to reiterate your offer and remind them to complete the booking. Make the process of remarketing engaging with little extra incentives. Guide them through the booking process to make sure that is easy and quick for your guest. This will help you cut down the abandonment rate and close more bookings.

7. Local Collaborations

If your hotel is surrounded by local attractions and businesses, you are sitting on a gold mine of revenue. Build local partnerships with neighboring spas, shops, restaurants, yoga studios, and co-promote each other. You can offer attractive deals in partnership with such locals. For instance, if there is a vineyard nearby, you can offer a deal in which the guest winner gets a free tour of the vineyard and in turn, you can promote the wines from that neighbor in your hotel’s restaurant. This strategy is an effective, easy, and affordable way to market your hotel and attract more guests.

Lastly, don’t make assumptions. Base your actions on data and results. Always keep testing your strategies for effectiveness and improve continually to ensure that the profit keeps increasing.

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