How To Write A Functional Resume For Better Results

Write A Functional Resume For Better Results
A functional resume structures information based on skills, not places of work. This type of resume is used when you want to emphasize whether your knowledge, skills, and experience correspond to the types and fields of activity that are presented in vacancies. It will allow you to reflect the overall development of your career and omit any failures or any negative aspects in its development that would be clearly visible in the chronological summary. is a savior who is near to make your dream job closer.

However, it is necessary to take into consideration that many employers are somewhat suspicious of such resumes. For them, this resume format will look like a warning. That is why it is better to use it only as a last resort.

If you nevertheless decided to use this particular type, then try as closely as possible to link the list of your achievements with the desired position. It is likely that if you list skills that are 100% consistent with the requirements of the employer, he will not pay attention to the “warning” features of the format.


  • Emphasizes your skills and achievements.
  • Hides flaws obvious in the chronological resume (for example, breaks from work).


  • Employers are well aware that job applicants using a functional resume usually try to hide work breaks or some other not too attractive details of their professional experience.
  • Many recruiters and employers simply will not read such a resume, because they want (and are used to) analyzing the professional experience of an employee in chronological order.

How To Create A Functional Resume?

  1. The resume should include the last name, first name, middle name, postal address and telephone number of the job applicant. This information is located at the top of the sheet in the center, but it is allowed to place it at the bottom of the sheet. If you wish, you can emphasize it.
  2. Include four to five blocks (sections) in the resume, each of which should contain information about your knowledge and experience in a particular field of activity. The block should have a heading that clearly defines the functional area of activity.
  3. Blocks should be listed in order of importance of the functional areas of activity for you in terms of job search objectives. The functional area of activity that is closer to you and where you want to find work more should be higher in the list.
  4. Inside each block, imagine your most important developments, achievements, successes in this functional area of activity.
  5. Each relevant item should not be described in detail. It is enough it to be associated with the specified functional area of activity.
  6. If you have passed the training corresponding to this functional area of activity for the past three to five years, then indicate it at the end of the block. Provide general education information at the end of the resume.
  7. After the blocks describing the functional areas of interest you are interested in, give a shortlist with a list of organizations where you worked. It indicates only the date of work, the name of the organization and the last position held. If you do not have work experience or your track record is very “motley”, skip this point.
  8. It is desirable to place the text of the resume on one page.
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