7 Best Digital Marketing Strategies Startups Should Know

Digital Marketing Strategies Startups Should Know
Digital marketing is a trend that has, over the past few years, revolutionized how businesses operate, and products and services get marketed. It is, therefore, paramount for any business startup to embrace the best digital marketing strategies like startup fundraising, to penetrate the modern market that is technology-driven.

However, in most cases, startups fail to give enough significance to the establishment of a robust digital brand presence. Startup owners should understand that having a presence on social media is not adequate in the modern era. New and more effective marketing strategies such as e-mail marketing campaigns, content marketing, video marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), among other strategies, must be adopted by startups to leverage the opportunities they present.

A great deal of attention for startups get directed towards developing a perfect product or service. However, startup owners must learn to leverage the capabilities of digital marketing to create, expand, and acquire new customers.

Are you a startup owner? Are you aware of the best digital marketing strategies that can help your business penetrate the market and be successful? Well, in this article, you will learn about the seven best digital marketing strategies startups should know and adopt. After reading through this article, you will understand which digital marketing strategies are essential for your startup to grow.

The following are the seven best digital marketing strategies startups should know:

1. E-mail Marketing

No doubt you have heard about e-mail marketing, but is it an effective marketing strategy that can enable you to reach the intended target group? Well, yes! E-mail marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools that will generate more leads, increase your startup´s sales and conversion rates.

E-mail marketing is also one of the cheapest marketing strategies for your startup. In some instances, it is a free marketing strategy, except when you use outsourced services.

Additionally, because this marketing strategy combines with other media, it is the most integrated marketing technique. You may include social media handles while sending your e-mail campaigns.

2. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, commonly referred to as SEM, is an online marketing strategy in which a startup´s SERPs increase through paid advertising techniques.

Here, a startup will need the help of an individual with experience with Google Ads. What is attractive with the strategy is that Google Ads makes it easier for you to customize. You decide to use either text-based search ads, graphic display ads, in-app mobile ads, or Youtube video ads. The selection you make depends on your startup´s marketing style and the target group you want to reach.

Further, Google offers you the capability to localize your startups´ ads and with the superior metrics that allow you to track the performance of your ads.

3. Influencer Marketing

Have you thought about hiring influencers to market your startup? If not, it is time you did! Influencer marketing strategy focuses on certain prominent people who influence individuals to buy a particular product or service.

In simple language, you identify a famous individual who becomes the face of your startup to help market and popularise your products and services. If your budget is tighter and you cannot afford to hire a famous personality, you can hire an expert to do the magic for you! And yes, it´s cheaper that way.

4. Content Marketing

The current marketplace got overtaken by content marketing; therefore, leveraging on this marketing strategy is a sure way to reach potential customers. Individuals are always attracted to outstanding graphics and content. You only need creative individuals to create persuasive digital content to attract customers to your startup landing page.

Content marketing strategies include presentations, blogging, audio and video scripts, and article writing. Your startup may as well use social media networks to reach a target audience through the use of persuasive and attractive content. Therefore, leverage this strategy to reach your potential customers today and grow your business.

5. Social Media Marketing

As you already understand, social media presents lots of opportunities for both startups and established brands. So, why not leverage it to grow and develop your startup? With a social media marketing strategy, you get assured of attaining your targets quickly. This so especially when you post the right content on the correct social media network that will direct you to the right audience.

Luckily, social media platforms are plenty where your startup can create a unique brand identity. Don´t forget to use social media influencers to post content for your startup on various social media platforms.

6. Crowdfunding Marketing

Instead of attracting investment through traditional routes, it’s now fairly common for startups — particularly in the tech world — to attempt crowdfunding. They use websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter to detail the products they want to produce, and attempt to convince the readers to invest their money (even while knowing that there’s some risk involved).

What some people don’t understand is that a good crowdfunding campaign doesn’t exactly need to reach its goal. Some first-time campaigns raise far more than expected (Hapbee, for instance, had a $15k goal and raised over $551k), but most fall short — so why try? Well, a crowdfunding campaign gets people talking about you. It gives you an asset to distribute.

You could create a campaign for your business in general if it fits your targets, or you could create a new product idea. Either way, the goal should be to raise awareness and improve perception of your brand. If you don’t hit the target, you’ll still have benefited from the exposure, and you can always run another campaign down the line.

7. Video Marketing

Making of videos may require some considerable budgeting, an aspect that the majority of startups cannot afford in most cases. However, in the modern market, video marketing is among the most effective strategies that startups must leverage to reach the technology-savvy segment of customers. It is because video content is fivefold more exciting and engaging as compared to static content, allowing potential customers to interact with your startup for long and more attentively.

Video marketing allows startups to share important information about them in a way that is more engaging and also leads the viewers to take action. Due to financial limitations, startups may opt to use GIFs and animated videos rather than using professional videos.

8. Google AdWords (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing

Google Adwords marketing is a strategy that uses search engine advertising to direct potential customers to your startup blog or webpage. Pay-per-click is one of the most effective marketing strategies a startup can use to generate sales or leads.

Key Advantages Of The Pay-Per-Click Marketing Strategy

Your startup can reach the right customers at the right time when a relevant ad gets used in the campaign.
It provides your startup with a high return on investment (ROI) since you only pay if an individual clicks your ad.
You can control the amount you spend on marketing using this strategy.
It offers your startup data analysis and insights to assist you in enhancing your marketing approach.

Final Thoughts

Follow these seven marketing strategies, and you will be guaranteed to succeed in digital marketing for your startup.

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