Automation Marketing Tools - The Need For A Perfect Business Strategy Success

Automation Marketing Tools
Numerous marketers in today's fast-paced world don’t prefer to spend time on repetitive mundane tasks. The use of automation makes the marketing process more streamlined and can easily take care of the priorities of marketers.

Therefore, businesses of any scale need to leverage it to save time and human intervention. If you feel that this is the need of the hour, for your small business, then this post is for you. So,

What Is Marketing Automation?

Well, it refers to the utilization of software tools in order to refine the marketing workflow. It can do so by measuring the marketing processes, which leads to optimal operational efficiency. Moreover, it also helps in automating repetitive tasks such as- emails and website actions.

Marketing automation has emerged as one of the major trends in Business to consumer scenario. Nowadays, marketers have fully realized the importance of automation. Therefore, investments in marketing automation have significantly enhanced over the years.

How Can Marketing Automation Help Your Business?

Customer Retention

More than 65 percent of B2B marketers utilize marketing automation in order to get more clients. And more than 45 percent of marketers are using it for retaining their clients. Furthermore, it can provide essential insights into their behavior and also predict their unique needs.

Revenue Generation

One of the major advantages of marketing automation generally includes revenue and increased lead conversion. Various businesses are using automation tools as they think it is much more beneficial for them. Moreover, B2C marketers using these strategies have seen higher conversion rates too.

Tracking & Measuring

As far as the data and reports are concerned, it can help you determine the success rate of the campaigns. After getting these insights, you will be able to take the required actions. If you are using these marketing automation tools, then you will be able to check your content marketing strategies efficiently.

Increase In Productivity

More than 70 percent of marketers feel that automation saves them ample amounts of time, which in turn leads to the optimization of productivity.

How To Implement A Marketing Automation Strategy?

You will find various automation tools for small businesses, mid-size companies, and even large enterprises. But you should keep in mind that a good strategy can never be completed without a set of essential elements, as these are very much beneficial for businesses in any scale.

Planning A Drip Campaign

You must be thinking of what a drip campaign is. It is nothing but an automated process that responsively sends emails over a certain period of time. These campaigns respond to what the customer wants rather than sending the same thing over and over again to all of them. Moreover, these campaigns have more than 70 percent higher open rate and get more CTR’s.

Use Email Automation For Follow-up

Did you know that email marketing has become one of the largest sales driving forces nowadays? Email marketing does so by sending targeted and personalized emails to your potential lead. And due to these timely emails, a potential lead can be moved via different stages of the sales funnel.

Moreover, the automated responses, as well as the follow-ups, are other advantages of email marketing. According to various studies, it has been shown that over $0.8 expense on email, the return on investment can rise as higher as $35.

Create Dynamic Content Pieces

The creative content changes with the overall behavior of the recipients. According to a report, more than 45 percent of customers first read the content online before getting in touch with a sales agent. Therefore, it is essential to develop dynamic content according to their specific requirements.

Automate Teams In Real-Time

Did you know the biggest challenge in any company is the communication gap between the departments? This result in the lack of coordination as well as the inefficiency, infect an automated marketing process will ensure equal access to all the information about the clients. This will help minimize the adverse effects of the communication gap.

Utilizing Automation In List Segregation

By using marketing automation, you will be able to segregate your customers using varied criteria. Doing so will help you in managing the lists more efficiently and target your strategies based on your unique requirements.

When you have finally decided to automate your processes, then the next step you would think is the Return on Investment and budget. To understand this in a better way, a study was conducted in order to determine the correlation between business performance and investment.

Another study showed the connection between business performance and investment, in which the participants felt that the lack of automation was making them efficient. They also said that the automation can deliver a higher Return on Investment and they had enhanced the contribution of marketing to their business growth.

What Are The Best Practices To Follow?

  • Lead Prediction - As you have known by now, automation generates leads. Moreover, marketers can fully identify top-performing channels via predictive lead scoring. There are various platforms that use calculations to determine which prospects are likely to convert into customers.
  • Social Media Outreach - Whether you are a small or large scale business, you will have to interact with customers on a daily basis. Moreover, automation tools can help you in a much better way. In this way, you will be able to engage the users via comments and follows.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality - Also with the advent of Virtual Reality and AR, it has opened new possibilities in this field of automation. The businesses will be able to provide users with the best experiences that will help them in their marketing efforts.


The thing is you need to select particular software according to your needs. Because a reliable service provider will not put a dent in your pocket, only if you have a defined goal. Therefore, it is important to do your research as well as access.

Furthermore, marketing automation can significantly boost your ROI and sales. Also the teams for better lead nurturing and lead generation can use the important information collected.

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