Difference Between A Blogger And A Writer

Difference Between A Blogger And A Writer

A blogger creates blogs and a writer writes. All writers can be bloggers, but not all bloggers are writers. Ultimately, they are both storytellers that excel in putting thoughts into words. The writer has been around since the beginning of civilization, whereas the blogger was born somewhere in the 2000s.

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Literary Differences

Writers are literary experts and bloggers are proficient with digital media tactics. The majority of famous bloggers in the world were writers, to begin with, so there is a fair chance that you are both. Traditionally, writers were associated with fine paper print in the form of books and newspapers. At present, online platforms are the preferred medium for everything, and prose often falls into the hands of bloggers.

Writing demonstrates decorum, following certain laws and regulations. These include basic language rubrics of grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. Writers are generally required to write in 3rd person and shun expression of any personal opinions. Bloggers, on the other hand, are encouraged to write in 1st person and share personal experiences. Blogging is meant to be conversational and is, therefore, more freestyle as compared to conventional writing.

The Fundamentals

Good writing is all about being creative and employing a lot of variation in vocabulary to prevent repetition and monotony. The purpose is to keep the reader interested until the very end and make the narrative memorable. The utilization of hefty words and correctly composed run-on sentences is great. Details are important because the reader should be able to build an image around your words.

Good blogging mainly concerns using the best keywords and optimized placement of those keywords. The goal is to achieve a high SEO score so that search engines favor you. The written content is supposed to be brief and simple. Replace the run-ons with short sentences and forget the details because nobody has time for that. The blogger’s audience likes to skim rather than read. In addition, your blog needs to be as interactive as possible, so it is best to include all the relevant visuals you can. Nobody is going to enjoy your blog if it is just plain text, no matter how well written it may be.

Freedom Of Speech

The most successful bloggers are good at photography, video shooting, podcasting, Photoshop, and video editing. They also possess knowledge of publishing through WordPress and other platforms on the World Wide Web. As a respectable writer, several blogs you come across will defy the norms of literature. The way they are drafted could make you cry and urge you to hire an attorney to get them executed. The blogger might use a lot of slang, superficial terms sprouting from the urban dictionary, and occasionally curse words. They indeed have the liberty to show true colors in their writing.

Bloggers that are part of a group or organization may be subject to some restrictions and instructed to follow a specific format. Nonetheless, whatever they produce rarely goes through thorough editing. Most blogs are acceptable if they are free of plagiarism, and contain all the necessary keywords. The quality of content is seldom a priority and on average 500 words is good to go. Individuals running personal blogs are more compassionate towards content because they are trying to develop a fan base.

Both writers and bloggers may write for the sake of money, or simply for satisfying the soul. Introverts are normally better at writing because that is how they choose to unwind themselves, as opposed to speaking out loud like your regular extrovert.

Writer To Blogger

Writers who evolve into bloggers may undergo stress at the beginning because they have to change habits. One of the common problems is forsaking passive voice and maintaining an active voice throughout the journal. Any stiffness has to go for bringing a casual tone to the blog. They have to write as if they are talking to a friend, and sometimes that is too far off their comfort zone.

Traditional writers appreciate privacy and like to tell a story without revealing anything about themselves. They may incorporate personal attributes or beliefs in a number of their fictional characters, but no one knows that. The majority uses a pseudo name in publications and keeps their personal lives a secret.

Modern bloggers are different and want their readers to know them personally. As sharing personal experiences is the standard, they do not hesitate to provide genuine illustrations of the story. It is common practice to include pictures with friends and families. Most blogging sites provide links to author bios, which is a separate web page dedicated to personal information about the blogger. This does not mean that everything the blogger says about themselves is true. They can pose as somebody that will resonate with a bigger audience or gain more publicity.

Content Backing

Writing is either based on facts or is an entire work of fiction. Blogging covers practical topics, but the content is independent of any sources/evidence. Whether the blogger is reviewing a product or providing guidelines to do something, what he/she says shall merely express a subjective point of view or experience. I am not saying that bloggers spread false information, but it is hard to identify the notorious ones. Many bloggers do take the time to research anything they want to write about and create extremely useful online content. These people make our lives easier by providing genuine data, effective solutions, and remarkable ideas.

Wrapping Up

Writing is a good way to make a living, but the struggles are real. Whether you choose to be a conventional writer or blogger, money and fame will not come to you overnight. You can expect to be working free of cost for a very long time or receive countless rejections. As paper and ink publishing is getting out of date and the attention span of people continues to diminish, blogs are becoming more popular.

Books do get published in digital form and paperback, and still, have power over a massive audience. Nonetheless, the bulk of the population only praises the stories after they have been adapted into a major motion picture. Writers are in high demand in the entertainment industry, because films and dramas require extensive scripts. Bloggers are fundamental to several industries, mainly marketing, entertainment, and technology.

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