Business Blogging: Everything You Need To Know

Business Blogging: Everything You Need To Know
Business blogging is an integral part of every business for an effective marketing strategy. Successful startups and entrepreneurs know well the importance and essentiality of having an updated and informative business blog. Hence, if you have not adopted to practice yet, you may be on a critical disadvantage from your competition.

How To Blog For Business?

Below is a brief guide to let you know how to blog for your business along with DO'S & DON'T'S of a successful business blog. Let's start!

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1. Write For Your Audience, Not Yourself

Writing for a self-serving content is a massive flop in blogging. Business blogs are not about how you feel like writing. It more about what your customers like to read. Many authentic sites, including Google trends and yahoo answers, along with social media platforms, have proven the ability of relevant content to connect with the audiences from time to time.
Business Blogging: Everything You Need To Know
I recommend you to consider looking into them before creating your next post. Also, avoid using technical jargon and over-complicated industry terminologies. The reason is, it won't make you look smarter and knowledgeable but will only confuse your audiences. This will lead them to pursue somewhere else for information.

2. Respond To Comments

Whether good or bad, comments should not go unanswered. Commenters are responsible for driving traffic to your blog; hence, they deserve acknowledgment and response. Answer their queries with a simple gesture to position your business authoritative and credible in front of them. Admit if you are wrong and ask for clarification if needed. Also, speak in an easy to understand language with a smooth tone.
Business Blogging: Everything You Need To Know

3. Don't Over-link The Article

Interlinking to your older posts is good for driving traffic. Keywords help you to improve search rank as well. However, too much of good thing can be a bad thing sometimes. Include only relevant links and avoid linking every other word as it will only going to disturb your reader.
Business Blogging: Everything You Need To Know
Also, if they click on a link that will lead them to an irrelevant post with no connectivity to the first one, they will feel mislead and lose trust in your business. Set links to open in a new tab or window to prevent steering traffic from your page.

4. Give Credit Where Due

Attach a link back to the article if you have used their statistics in your blog. This is proper etiquette that helps to offer an authentic path to your readers who may be looking for more information. Moreover, if you have quoted something, include a link back to the original source. This will enhance the credibility and prevent you from misinforming your readers. The same rule applies to images, videos, and other visuals.
Business Blogging: Everything You Need To Know

5. Format Well

Formatting may include alignment of your blog post with your audience's interests. Try to deliver information as valuable as possible while keeping it simple and digestible. Tightening content doesn't need you to get rid of essential data; you just have to find the best possible way to present your point to the audiences.
Business Blogging: Everything You Need To Know
While I was working with Crowd Writer, the content marketing team strictly emphasis often to make content easy to read by including bullet lists, to break bulky information. They have proved the trick to work for high retention times and lower bounce rates as well. Hence, insert a break into the post where possible to let it breathe.

6. Practice

Business blogging is a skill that needs the practice to master the art. The easiest way to acquire expertise is to write every day. Take it as an exercise to strengthen up your muscles. Get more strategic with blogging to get the best practices.

7. Consistency For SEO

Business Blogging: Everything You Need To Know
Being consistent with your blog post content and frequency will serve good for your SEO. The more post you will have, the more leads and traffic you will get. Make a plan and write posts following your business goals.

The Do's And Don'ts Of Blogging For Business

Below suggestions will make sure that you can create an extended & lasting brand identity to success with your business:
Business Blogging: Everything You Need To Know

The Do's:
The Don'ts:
Set goals
Be too promotional
Understand the buyer's persona
Feed the trolls
Create content to answer queries, solve problems, and address needs.
Delay publishing once the content is ready
Tackle pain points
Dominate SEO
Communicate in an engaging tone
Lose patience
Add newsletters and marketing emails to drive traffic
Create an attentive first impression
Add visual content
Share on social media
Have passion

Key Takeaway

It is essential to follow proper etiquettes for a business blog as it helps you to establish a positive reputation with a value proposition. Take it as an opportunity to create a long term customer base with reliability and authenticity. Good luck!

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