6 Killer Tips For Gaining Maximum Views On The Instagram Story

Tips For Gaining Maximum Views On The Instagram Story
Instagram story is the best ever and most popular feature of Instagram. In this feature, people can share anything like photos, videos, music (available in a few countries) and statuses. But due to high competition on Instagram people are not gaining many views on their story and they are leaving just because of it. Well, every work needs hard work, similarly, for gaining views you should have some patience and correct guidance. In this post, we will show you the top 6 tips that will surely help you in gaining maximum views.

1. Publish Unique And Different Content

Are you looking for a massive amount of views on your Instagram story then you must need to create unique content. Unique content is the key thing behind the popularity of the Instagram story. For creating the content you have two choices. The first one is you may hire a graphic or content designer or on the other hand you have a low budget then you can create the Instagram story self. On the internet, lots of tools are available that will help you in creating outstanding Instagram stories posts. The last important thing always creates the content for the week as the backup.

2. Use Stickers In The Instagram Story

Using the stickers in the Instagram story is an amazing tip for gaining maximum engagement in a short time. Whenever you are uploading the Instagram story you have seen the sticker option. Click on that option and lots of stickers will appear on different categories.
  • Poll - This sticker is used for creating the voting system for the audience for example if you are asking the question to the audience and then you will set the poll sticker with two possible answers and then the audience will vote the answer by tapping on the sticker.
  • Question Sticker - This sticker is amazing. This sticker helps you to involve yourself in the audience. With the help of this sticker, you can allow your audience to ask you a question and then you will answer their question and post on your story.
  • Countdown Sticker - The countdown sticker is also beneficial in increasing the engagement. For example, if you are near to launch the new product then you can set the countdown and as the countdown ends the product will launch.
  • Hashtag Sticker - If you want to gain more views instantly then you can do two things: the first one is you can go for paid method, in which you can buy automatic Instagram Story views from Social Hungry, else you can gain views instantly by using the hashtags. But remember always use the hashtags related to your niche.

3. Create Discount Offers

This is a pro tip for people who wanted to increase their product sales. It is natural that people love promotions and discounts. You have seen many times many brands are revealing their discount offers on their Instagram stories if they can do then why you not? It is actually the best way for increasing sales, engagements and followers. For example, if you are selling the gents jeans on Instagram then you can announce the offer like buying and get one free when the male users see this story you can't imagine how much will it impact on your story.

4. Use Geotags In Instagram Story

If you are looking for the local audience on your story, then you should use the geotags in your story. This tag is used for adding the location. For example, if you have captured the photo in Paris then when you upload it on the story then you must mention the Paris location in your story. There are two ways for adding the location the first one enables your GPS Instagram automatically detect the location otherwise if you want to share the location where you can create the post then you can add the location manually, it’s up to you. The geotags also help you to increase your appearance in the local area. The people living in the mentioned area will come to know about your brand.

5. Use Instagram Story Ads

Almost 15 million business accounts are registered over the Instagram account and more than 2 million users are advertising their business through story ads. This is a totally paid method. Instagram provides the facility to business accounts to advertise their business on the Instagram story but in return, they have to pay the Instagram. The question is raising is this method safe for advertising? Obviously, it is safe because Instagram itself providing this facility that you pay them and they will promote your story. With the help of this strategy, you can gain real views, real followers and real customers if you are selling any product.

6. Highlight Best Instagram Stories

The highlight story is the extended feature of the Instagram story it is 100% like the typical Instagram story but the difference is in the Instagram story you can keep your content online just for 24 hours. But in highlights, you can save your content until you want. The highlight can be very helpful for you in the mean of increasing views on the story. For example, your one story has the views in thousands and more views are coming continuously. In this case, you can set your story as a highlight so how your story keeps online for a long time and people can view it without any problem.
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