Making A Memorable Giveaway Bag For Your Startup

Memorable Giveaway Bag For Your Startup
If your startup is lucky enough to get a slot in an upcoming conference, then it is time to ensure that the attendees will start off your marketing journey. Many people have tried branded items like pens, t-shirts, and cups, but no one remembers them after the event. So, what is left for you to do?

You can prepare a giveaway bag that people will appreciate and use even after the conference. This will market your startup all over the city, giving your new business an edge over others.

If you are planning to give these bags out, here are some tips to make sure that they are perfectly done.

Consider The Needs Of The Users

If it is a business conference, the attendees will definitely have laptops and other devices that they need to carry. Thus, you can brand laptop bags and high-quality tote bags. While men will typically go for backpacks, most ladies will go for laptop bags with a sling or a tote. It is crucial to carefully determine the needs of the targeted users if you want the bags to make sense to them.

The Bags Should Be Presentable

When planning to make a bag that will promote your brand, make it very presentable. It is supposed to be a free gift, but that does not mean that you should deliver a mediocre product. Otherwise, the customers will dump the bags as soon as they receive them. Luckily, there are many reputable agents who can help you to go about this. Check out the Rocket bags website to find some bag designs that you can prepare.

Plan the Message Well

Besides the design of the bag, the message it carries is even more important. Although a new business has a lot to tell people, you have to choose a simple message that will sell your product in the perfect way. First, your logo should not be left behind because many people will only remember the logo. Also, include a catchy message that will instantly tell the audience what your company is offering them. If you have to add any other components like illustration, it should also focus on advertising the product with ease.

Prepare the Bags Early

All that we have discussed above should be done early before the conference. Being a startup, there are many other things that need your attention like preparing the presentation. Since bags are perishable, it is advisable to have them ready at least a month before. It should not be part of your last-minute pressure. The other good thing about doing it early is that any defects in them can be amended to prevent disappointment for the users.


Giveaway bags for a new business should have a significant marketing impact. As users use them later, they spread the word about your product to everyone who sees it. Whether they are shopping, walking down the street, or using the bags in any other way, this becomes an opportunity to shine. That is why the bag must be given care and planning.
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