Why Do Businesses Need Real-Time Validation Services?

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Reaching the target audience as well as maintaining an excellent relationship with existing customers are the two most important tasks the majority of businesses faces. While the marketing team is working hard to identify the target audience and keep the clients interested in new products, their efforts could be useless.

Why? Because their work may never reach the recipients due to poorly obtained and maintained contact information. One of the simplest ways to ensure your emails, parcels, and phone calls reach the intended recipients is to implement real-time validation services.

What Are Real-Time Validation Services?

One of the most popular ways of obtaining contact information is through a contact form on the website. A real-time validation service checks the information while the client enters it to catch errors and deliberate mistakes before the data goes any further.

The real-time validation service can check emails, phone numbers, and addresses. The program catches typos, adjusts the format, and runs the information through numerous available databases.

With the assistance of such a program, you get clean email, mailing, and phone number lists, which you can use for marketing purposes without being afraid of being blacklisted.

1. Time-Saving

You can check the contact information of your potential clients manually. However, it would take hours or even days. A simple program can do it for you without actually calling or emailing the client.

For large lists, you can use regular validation services. However, if you need information as soon as it appears on the website or in the e-store, real-time validation services are a must-have.

You can use regular email, phone number, and address validators to maintain your lists. However, while forming them, you need real-time validation services.

By taking advantage of such a service, you are optimizing the work of your marketing team, allowing specialists to deal with important duties.

2. Customer Relationship

Maintaining high-quality customer relationships is a necessity for any company that wants to grow, develop, and multiply profits. It’s hard to achieve all that unless you have valid contact information.

People have a tendency to move, change phone numbers, and get new email addresses. That’s why it’s important to make information update forms readily available to them.

Real-time validation service checks the information as the client enters it on the website. This is especially helpful for information updates.

Existing customers bring the highest profits to the company. Because 65% of profits come from the customers you already work with. Real-time validation can help you hold on to such clients.

3. Cost-Cutting

Real-time validation allows you to avoid extra costs related to bounced emails, bad phone calls, and undelivered mail. All of the above can be a serious hindrance to the way a company works.

With contact information, you may be facing bad addresses and phone numbers 10% of the time. If you have a large customer database, this number could be huge. Imagine sending 100 products to the wrong address or spending time listening to “sorry, wrong number” 100 times.

According to experts at Byteplant, real-time validation services could save a marketing team plenty of effort, thus helping the company save money.

4. Compliance

While you are worrying about time and money, don’t forget about compliance. If you keep sending emails to the wrong addresses, you can violate the CAN-SPAM act and end up paying a formidable fine up to $42,530. Meanwhile, sending bad emails could get you blacklisted.

Calling people who don’t want to receive your calls, could get you into trouble with your communication service provider.

A real-time validator can help ensure your compliance with the law by pointing your attention to invalid, outdated, and misspelled addresses.

5. Efficient Analysis

It’s impossible to make the right analysis of your marketing efforts unless you are sending materials to the right addresses. The data you will get if 5% of the addresses are bad vs. 10% of bad addresses could be substantially different.

Without the right input, you could make a wrong decision about your marketing campaign results and start making unnecessary changes.

Real-time validators make sure you are contacting the right people. Accordingly, the lack of conversion could be blamed on marketing efforts rather than improper contact information.

6. Faster Results

The real-time validation service works even when you don’t. It brings you quick results and allows you to fix problems as you go.
Today, the speed with which you work with is vital to your success. Losing time on the address and phone number validation is unacceptable. That’s why companies are looking for new ways to keep their contact lists as clean as possible.

7. Peace Of Mind

Real-time validation can help you forget about numerous problems related to undelivered mail, blacklisting, non-compliance, and much more. The best part about such a tool is an easy learning curve and quick response time. It works 24/7 to bring you accurate information. So you can forget about minor mistakes causing formidable problems.

Final Thoughts

Many business owners overlook real-time validation because they simply don’t know about its existence. Meanwhile, a validator has already become a resident tool for the majority of companies around the world.
Extra expenses and lost time are a simple way to fall behind the competition. If a reasonably priced and easy-to-use tool, such as a validator, can fix the problem, why not use it?
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