5 Secrets To Increase Employee Engagement With Technology

Increase Employee Engagement With Technology
No matter what industry you're in, your employees are your most valuable asset. This is exactly why you need them to really care about what your business is trying to achieve. Even in case, you're satisfied with the way your staff members believe in the company mission, it's a good idea to continue to look for ways you can use modern tech to increase their engagement even more. With that in mind, here are five secrets that might just help you get everyone in the office more engaged by using technology.

Encourage Collaborative Work

Most of the time, work is better when it’s flexible. What’s more, flexibility and employee engagement go hand in hand. The reason behind this is that employees who’re allowed a more flexible work schedule tend to experience less stress and have high morale. One of the best ways to encourage collaborative work is to start using programs and apps that make collaboration work easier. This employee productivity tracker Excel Template is one such example to consider for the purpose. For example, if your work relies on organizing and delegating tasks, using a project management tool such as Basecamp is a great idea. Moreover, you can think about buying storage on Dropbox to store files and make them accessible to everyone in your company.

Peer-To-Peer Recognition

A recent study showed that 43 percent of employees find a lack of recognition to be the biggest source of unhappiness at work. The problem is, most business owners and managers are extremely busy, and they don’t have enough time to recognize their employees’ contributions, even when it’s due. If this is the case with you, using a tool that gives your employees a chance to stay connected and support each other is recommended. It’s a good way to ensure everyone in your company feels appreciated and strives, even more, to help your business achieve its goals. Just bear in mind that this still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send thank you notes or reward employees who perform the best.

Make Meetings More Interesting

Let’s face it – employees don’t enjoy attending meetings. For most of them, it’s just something that takes the focus off their work and they plan to do their own research anyway. However, if you find a way to make your meetings more interesting and actually provide everyone with the data they’ll find useful, using technology is a must. Prepare a Mac for everyone who’ll be there and make sure they can use them for taking notes and taking a better look at graphics you’re using. Just don’t forget to have a number of Mac repair experts you can turn to in case some of these little things stop working.

Allow Personal Tools

With so many devices and apps available, it’s quite impossible to include all of them into your company’s arsenal. However, there’s no reason to stop your employees from using any digital tools they want. Just the fact they’re allowed to use devices and apps they believe makes them more productive can lead to increased employee engagement. Therefore, when you see an employee with their iPhone out, make sure you check what they’re doing with it before you give them that evil look. Take a closer look at the tools they’re using and if you find them to be effective, try recommending them to the rest of your team.

Opt For Gamification

Gamification is one of the best ways to capitalize on your employees’ desire to compete. As long as it doesn’t create rivalries in the office, gamification can really encourage your team to care about how much they’re contributing to your business. The best of it is that introducing gamification shouldn’t be tough as long as you use the right tech. There are so many video games that encourage creative thinking and require players to rely on their organizational skills, making them exactly what your business needs. Not to mention that they can turn a really boring day in the office into an extremely exciting one.

Final Thoughts

Modern workplaces are all about technology and just like there are tools that allow you to collect data and speed up your operations, there’s tech for increasing employee engagement. The five secrets covered in this post should keep your employees engaged no matter what. Remember to keep looking for new tech for your employees and see what works and what doesn’t.

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